Yale linguists present at AMP

Three presentations were given by Yale linguists at the 2021 Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP), held virtually from October 1-3.

Jason Shaw and Natalie Weber presented a paper titled “Situating Blackfoot within a typology of (mobile) boundary tone grammars”.

Chelsea Sanker presented a poster titled “Comparison of coda voicing effects on perceived vowel duration”.

Stephen Anderson publishes second edition of Phonology in the Twentieth Century

Language Science Press has published a second edition of Emeritus Professor Steve Anderson’s celebrated monograph Phonology in the Twentieth Century (U Chicago Press 1985) — an important history of the development of phonological thinking over the course of the last century which taxonomises and contextualises the contributions of important theorists and tensions between “representational” and “rule-based” approaches to the sound structures of human language.

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