Conferences and Workshops

2024: Northeast Linguistic Society (NELS 55)

2023: Stony Brook, Yale, NYU & CUNY (SYNC) Linguistics Conference

2022: Southern New England Workshop in Semantics (SNEWS)

2022: Language Diversity, Linguistic Theory and Cultural Identity in South Asia

2019: Meaning in Flux

2019: Phonology in the North East (PhoNE)

2019: Identifying (In)definiteness: from Silent Morpho-syntax to Semantics

2018: Sign Languages and the Mind

2017: SYNC Linguistics Mini-Conference

2017: Taking the Langue View: A Symposium for Stephen R. Anderson

2017: Meaning in Flux

2016: Multiple Questions about Sluicing

2015: Hornucopia: A workshop honoring Laurence R. Horn

2015: Fifth Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages Workshop (FASAL 5)

2015: Phonology in the North East (PhoNE)

2014: Workshop on the Sound Systems of Mexico and Central America

2013: SYNC Linguistics Mini-Conference 2013

2013: Yale Symposium on Generics

2013: Mini-Workshop on Syntax and Semantics: Imperatives, Embeddability, and Politeness

2012: South Asian Languages: Theory, Typology, and Diachrony

2012: Comparative Germanic Syntax Workshop (CGSW) 27

2011: Northeast Computational Phonology (NECPHON) 2011

2010: Workshop on Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG+10)

2009: SYNC Linguistics Mini-Conference 2009

2009: Imperfective Form and Imperfective Meaning

2008: Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 17

2007: East Coast Indoeuropean Conference 26

2006: Turkish Linguistics Workshop

2006: SNEWS

2005: PhLIS


2002: LabPhon8

1998: 29th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL)

1997: Eastern States Conference on Linguistics