Research in linguistics at Yale spans the spectrum of empirical domains and methodologies, with many faculty members involved in research that cuts across a number of areas. The following list gives an indication of this range:

Students and faculty conduct research in the Language and Brain Lab, the Phonetics Lab, the Computational Linguistics Lab (CLAY), the Historical Linguistics Lab, and the Grammatical Diversity Project, and through collaborations with Haskins Laboratories, the Yale School of Medicine, and the Child Study Center.

Image: Red areas show preferential activation in Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas during a language comprehension task. From Piñango, Maria Mercedes, Emily Finn, Cheryl Lacadie & R. Todd Constable (2009). The role of the left inferior frontal gyrus in sentence composition: Connecting fMRI and lesion-based evidence. Presented at the 47th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Aphasia, October 18-20, Boston.