March 28, 2023
Ka-Fai Yip received the Best Abstract Award at The 47th Annual Penn Linguistics Conference (PLC-47).
March 28, 2023
Congratulations to Department of Linguistics undergraduate students, Priscilla Ehrgood and Pearl Hwang, for having presented at the 17th Annual Workshop in General...
March 20, 2023
Veneeta Dayal published a paper on “The Interrogative Left Periphery: How a Clause becomes a Question” in Linguistic Inquiry:
March 20, 2023
Veneeta Dayal gave an invited talk on “Definites, Demonstratives, Bare Nominals: What competes with What” at the 3rd meeting of the DFG-funded Network on Definiteness across...
February 28, 2023
In recognition of Black History Month, the ASL Program and ASL@Yale student organization are hosting a documentary film screening and panel discussion this evening at 6PM (...
February 27, 2023
 Two Department of Linguistics students, Jem Burch and Priscilla Ehrgood, will be presenting at the WISSLR (Western Interdisciplinary Student Symposium on Language Research)...
February 23, 2023
Ka-Fai Yip has published a paper entitled “Converbs and adverbial clauses: a case study in Cantonese” in Studies in Chinese Linguistic