B.A. Alumni


Tilden (Tilly) Brooks

Modal Auxiliaries in Legal United States English: The Case of the United States Constitution (Josh Phillips)

Hailey Dykstra

SMH: Negation Structures in ASL: An investigation of analyses of negative headshake spread (Suzana Fong)

Evan Hochstein

Animacy in language and cognition: The effects of motion, volition, and thought on animacy perception (María Piñango)

Pinyu (Pearl) Hwang

A New Level of Stupid, a Different Kind of Cool: Noun-of-Adj(P) Structures in English (Raffaella Zanuttini)

Diana Kulmizev

Who Saw Who? Exploring Direct-Inverse Marking in Blackfoot: An Agree-Based Approach (Suzana Fong)

Amelia Lake

Gaeilge Bhriste: The Irish Language, Conflict, & Reconciliation in Northern Ireland (Claire Bowern)

Lydia Lee

A historical and linguistic analysis of honorific speech styles in Korean prayers (Raffaella Zanuttini)

Hannah Morrison

Classifying Hungarian palatal obstruents: Phonetic control as a diagnostic for segmental complexity (Jason Shaw)

Theodore Sandstrom

Geometric Probes for Constituency Structure in BERT Embeddings (Robert Frank)

Taylor Triplett

Southern Hospitality: Fact or Fiction? An Exploration of Politeness Theory in Southern American English Speech Acts (Larry Horn)


Jack Berry

 Neologasming: Topics in Modern English Word Formation (Jim Wood)

Andreea Ciobanu

Subjunctive Acquisition and Use in Romanian Heritage Users in the United States (Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl)

Hana Galijasevic

Jeremiah Jewell

Cross-dialectal perception of Vietnamese tones: Exploring the nuances of the hi-ngã merger (Claire Bowern)

Nico Kidd

The Ironic Internet: an investigation into tweeting what we don’t mean (Larry Horn)

Shayley Martin

A three-generation look at ð-deletion in Appalachian English (Claire Bowern)

Jackson Petty

Characterizing Algebraic Generalization in Linguistic Neural Networks (Robert Frank)

Lena Venkatraman

Will Wegner


Josh Celli

Mouthing Off: Effects of Face Masks on ASL Perception and Production (Roslyn Burns)

Daniel Chenevert

Clausal Noun-Modification in Japanese (Jim Wood)

Joe Class

Topics in Tlingit Ergativity (Jim Wood)

Karina Di Franco

Heritage language and language change: a study of ser/estar use by Heritage Speakers of Mexican Spanish in the US (María Piñango)

Noah Gershenson

Lo en behald: Interactions between ϕ-features, tense, and negation in Hebrew (Jim Wood and Raffaella Zanuttini)

Sam Katz

Contractual Obligation: Underspecification Theory and Vowel Coalescence in Ancient Greek Contract Verbs (Roslyn Burns)

Slater Smith


Isobel Anthony
La sintassi è mobile: The Syntax of Italian Opera Librettos (Raffaella Zanuttini)

Chloe Gonzalez
A Copy-Editor and Their Audience: The Usage of Singular They in the Yale Daily News and the Yale Herald (Claire Bowern)

Benjamin Rewis
The Space of Folklore: Mapping Folkloric Texts Semantically with Document Embeddings (Robert Frank)

Jisu Sheen
A force-domain analysis of English have (María Piñango)

Oliver Shoulson
‘And God Said: Let There Be [a Structural Approach to Syntactic Diachrony in the Hebrew Bible]’ (Raffaella Zanutitni and Jim Wood)

Kento Tanaka
The discourse functions and syntax of vocative markers in Fuyang Wu (Raffaella Zanuttini and Jim Wood)


Magda Andrews-Hoke
When Poems Don’t Meet our Expectations: Effects of Slant Rhyme on Duration (Natalie Weber)

Anelisa Fergus
Lend Me Your Ears: Otitis Media and Aboriginal Australian languages (Claire Bowern)

James Lin
And that’s the T: the tenseless analysis of Mandarin Chinese and the universality of T (Hadas Kotek)

Noah Mahood Macey
S morpheme durations in English: An experimental approach (Jason Shaw)

William Merrill
Sequential neural networks as automata (Robert Frank)

Rose Mintzer-Sweeney
Speech, sign, and the emergence of dual patterning (Natalie Weber)

Jaylen J. Pittman
Referential strategies and referential variants in Old Chinese: Semantics and Pragmatics of Pronominal Reference in Old Chinese (Laurence R. Horn)


Nicholas Hathaway
Generalizing Sentiment Analysis Techniques Across Sub-Categories of IMDB Movie Reviews (Robert Frank)

Katie Martin
Even and Negative Bias in Polar Questions (Hadas Kotek and Raffaella Zanuttini)

Rachael Regan
Here’s you a thesis: An evaluation of methodology for research in micro-comparative syntax (Jim Wood)

Edie Reimink
Is This Thesis Fake News? Linguistic Methods for Categorizing News (Claire Bowern)

Jonathan Roig
Perceptions of Dialect Standardness in Puerto Rican Spanish (Jason Shaw)

Kate Rosenberg
What’s in a Name? A Typological and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Names of Pama-Nyungan Languages (Claire Bowern)


Aidan Kaplan
Family Agreement: An Investigation of Possession in Moroccan Arabic (Jim Wood)

Tom McCoy
Pivot-based word alignment (Robert Frank)

Chris Paolini
Completed Cakes Experimental evidence for a property-sensitive conceptual-semantic analysis of [complete] & [finish] in the “coercion” configuration (Maria Piñango and Laurence Horn)

Hannah Phelps
Partial agreement in Tshiluba auxiliary constructions (Jason Zentz)

Eliza Scruton
Gendered Insults in the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface (Laurence Horn and Jason Stanley)

Carmen Wilson
Lexical Statistics Determine the Choice of Epenthetic Vowel in Japanese Loanword Adaption (Ryan Bennett and Jason Shaw)

Xuan Wu
Speaker Variability in Bardi (Claire Bowern and Jason Shaw)

Alina Yaman
Agency, Access, and Reclamation in the Basque Language Revival Movement (Claire Bowern and Paul Kockelman)


Grace Brody
Two Different Realizations of the EPP: An Approach to Agreement Asymmetries in Modern Standard Arabic (Jim Wood)

Ethan Campbell-Taylor
The Samoan Reduplication System (Ryan Bennett)

Alexa Little
Language Learning Through Dependency Trees (Claire Moore-Cantwell)

Ralph Molina
Y’all, This Paper Is Crazy Interesting: A Study of Variation in US English (Laurence Horn and Raffaella Zanuttini)

Margaret Ott
Tweet Like a Girl: A Corpus Analysis of Gendered Language in Social Media (Bob Frank)

Kyle Parsard
Re-evaluating Relexification: The Case of Jamaican Creole (Claire Bowern)

Rose Sloan
Node-Based Induction of Tree-Substitution Grammars (Bob Frank)

Alexandra Torresquintero
Quantifiable Acoustic and Phonetic Differences between Primary and Secondary Stress in American English Words  (Claire Moore-Cantwell)


Melinda Becker
Degradation of the mental lexicon? Object naming impairments in Alzheimer patients (Ashwini Deo)

Miles Calabresi
Case in Icelandic: Evaluation of a Structure-Based Algorithm (Bob Frank and Jim Wood)

Laura DiNardo
Competing analyses of complement coercion: New evidence from behavioral and real time processing methods (Maria Piñango)

Maggie Kandel
ECCO-LOCATION: The Italian presentative ecco and its spatial interpretation (Raffaella Zanuttini)

Carolyn Lee
During the NJ Turnpike: Asymmetric preferences in spatial and temporal prepositions (Claire Bowern)

Allison Miller
Kreol in Mauritian Schools: Public Opinion and the Benefits of Mother Tongue Education (Laurence Horn)

Justin Moore
Evaluating approaches to Light Verb argument structure (Maria Piñango)

Andy Zhang
Contextual Effects on the Interpretation of Have: A Self-Paced Reading Study (Ashwini Deo and Maria Piñango)


Patrick Killian
The genitive of negation: A structural analysis (Jim Wood)

Maria Kouneli
The syntax of silent locative prepositions in Greek (Robert Frank and Jim Wood)

Brenda Seah
But as a multi-level objection marker: Addressing issues raised by but-questions (Laurence Horn)

Diallo Spears
Rendaku in three-root compounds: A frequency-based approach to sequential voicing (Ryan Bennett)

Alexander Hirsch
Learning a Gendered Language: L2 Acquisition and Relative Processing Costs of Spanish Grammatical Gender and Number (Maria Piñango)


Cameron Best
Pronoun Resolution in American Sign Language: A Literature Review to Motivate Neurocognitive Experimentation (Maria Piñango)

Lauren Bonomo
Acquisition of Stops of Hindi by Speakers of American English (Jelena Krivokapić)

John Clayton
Prosodic Boundaries in Singing: An exploration of the temporal effects of linguistic structure in western music (Jelena Krivokapić and Ian Quinn)

Elizabeth Freeburg
The Cost of Revival: the Role of Hebrew in Jewish Language Endangerment (Claire Bowern)

Phoebe Gaston
Syntactic error processing in bilingualism: an analysis of the Optional Infinitive stage in child language acquisition (Maria Piñango and Robert Frank)

Sophia Gilman
Comparative Method Algorithm (Claire Bowern and Gaja Jarosz)

Emily Foster Hanson
The Time-Course of Processing Novel Metonymy: A Self-Paced Reading Study (Maria Piñango)

Paulina Haduong
Mind the (Truth-Value) Gap: truth, falsity, and everything in between (Laurence Horn and Joshua Knobe)

Lorenzo Labitgan
Tagalog-English code-switching: issues in the nominal domain (Raffaella Zanuttini)

Hannah LaPalombara
An Optimality Theory Account of Phonological Variation in Kimberley Kriol (Claire Bowern and Gaja Jarosz)

Miriam Lauter
If SOME folks are wise, are others otherwise?  The interaction of context and emphasis in online scalar implicature processing (Laurence Horn)

Zachary Maher
Opening a Can of Worms: Idiom Flexibility, Decomposability, and
the Mental Lexicon
(Maria Piñango)

Katherine Ruffing
A Grammatical Description of Personal Pronoun Use in Uda (Dennis Storoshenko)

Amalia Skilton
A new proposal of Western Tukanoan consonants and internal classification (Claire Bowern)

Laura Wellman
Pudong and Putonghua: Sound Change and Language Shift in Shanghai (Stephen Anderson and Joseph Errington)


Ryan Caro
Semantics of the Turkish non-past (Ashwini Deo)

Daniel Hansen
Linguists and Reversing Indigenous Language Shift (Claire Bowern)

Jessica Hsieh
The Alignment of Gesture and Intonation in Pwo Karen (Claire Bowen and Jelena Krivokapic)

Laura Kling
Polar Interrogatives in Bardi (Claire Bowern)

Tyler Lau
Origins of the Verbalizer Affixes in the Japonic Languages (Claire Bowern and Stephen Anderson)

Julia Myers
The behavior of nonverbal gestures at pauses in speech (Jelena Krivokapić)

Stephanie Ros
Quantifying reading comprehension with prosody (Jelena Krivokapić)

Destiny Tolliver
Like and African American English: Factors and Implications of Convergence (Ashwini Deo)

Tasha Torchon
Predicate and Nominal Clefts in Haitian Creole (Robert Frank)

Claire Wallace
Color Terms in Pama-Nyungan Languages (Claire Bowern)


Angel Ayala
Phonetic Convergence: A Case Study of a Puerto Rican Spanish Speaker (Jelena Krivokapić)

Divya Subrahmanyam
From Location to Possession: A case study of Hindi ke pās (Ashwini Deo)

Ava Tattelman Parnes
Ang marks the what?: An analysis of noun phrase markers in Cebuano (Claire Bowern and Robert Frank)

Zhipeng (Nick) Huang
Too Heavy to Move: an analysis of heavy noun phrase shift and related phenomena (Raffaella Zanuttini and Robert Frank)

Jeonghyun Kim
The subsyllabic hierarchy of Korean (Matthew Wolf)

Jesse Storbeck
Reconstructing the medio-passive participle of Proto-Indo-European (Jay Fisher)


AJ Espinoza
Coming & Going in Koine Greek:  Deixes & Aspect of ‘Eρχομαι (Erchomai) (Ashwini Deo)

Jessica Hunter
A Case Study in Contact Linguistics: The Western Torres Strait Language and Meryam Mir (Claire Bowern and Erich Round)

Andrew Lai
What About Tone? The correlation between linguistic tone and musical pitch in two diachronic genres of Mandarin music (Darya Kavitskaya)

Nathaniel Little
Filling in the Gaps: Assessing Syntactic & Semantic Approaches to Gapping (Robert Frank)

Justin Wei Lo
Possible constraints and allophonic voicing in Australian Aboriginal Languages: Evidence from Bardi, Kayardild, Warlpiri, and Yan-Nhangu (Claire Bowern, Erich Round, Raffaella Zanuttini)

Theodore Palenski
Children’s Creative Flapping
[mɛɾǝl]: Do you spell that metal, medal, mettle, or meddle?
(Matt Wolf)

Molly Wenig Rubenstein
Like You Do: a bilingual perspective on the indefinite second person (Joe Errington and Larry Horn)

Hillary Schepps
Competing constraints and hypercorrect whom: Syntactic uncertainty meets linguistic insecurity (Laurence Horn)


Nathaniel Baldwin Clark
Phonological Working Memory and Phonological Awareness: Development of an Experimental Pseudoword Repetition Task(Dave Braze)

Edwin Everhart
Phonological Change in Japanese-Ainu Loanwords (Stephen Anderson)

Emily Finn
An FMRI investigation of intermediate traces (Maria Piñango)

Christian Griffin
An Optimality Theoretic Analysis of the Historical Development of Liquids from Late Common Slavic through Old Church Slavic and into Middle/Modern Bulgarian (Darya Kavistkaya)

Michael Haghkerdar
Western Iranian Ezāfé: A Comparative Syntactic Analysis (Raffaella Zanuttini and Thomas Leu)


Samantha Amodeo
The Suffix -esque in English: History and Contemporary Usage (Dianne Jonas and Laurence Horn)

María Castellanos
Tonal Phenomena in Oapan Nahuatl (Stephen Anderson)

Eric Ciaramella
Topics in Georgian Morphosyntax: The Verbal Noun and Doubled Verbs (Darya Kavitskaya, Dianne Jonas, and Robert Greenberg)

Heather Freeman
Hapax Legomena in the Old English Exodus: An Etymological Study (Roberta Frank and Dianne Jonas)

Harry Guinness
Shades of Brown: Standard Scottish English in a Received Pronunciation World (Dianne Jonas)

Philip Andrew Patrick Olson, III
Dative Experiencer Verbs in Georgian: A Study of Subjecthood and Agency (Dianne Jonas)

Nicole Thain
Sentential Negation in French and French Based Creoles (Dianne Jonas)

Jessie Theobald-Ellner
Functional Categories in English and German Broca’s Aphasia Production (Maria Piñango)

Brendan Woo
Effects of Short-Term Environment Change on Language Attrition: Cross-Linguistic Case Studies (Dianne Jonas


Josh Ehrlich
Irony: What and Why (Laurence Horn)

Alison Frazzini
Effects of Dialect-Variability on Recall of Spoken Word Lists (Louis Goldstein and Laurence Horn)

Ken Garber
On the Statues of V-to-I in Faroese and the Role of Danish Influence: A myspace.com study of native speakers (Dianne Jonas)

Claire Halpert
The Present-Tense Alternation in Zulu Syntax (Olúşeye Adéşolá and Dianne Jonas)

Elizabeth D. Johnson
The Phonological Lexicon: Gesture or Feature Based? A Sensorimotor Adaption Investigation (Maria  Piñango)

Christopher Lapinig
Standard Outsourced English: A Critical Analysis of the Use of English in Philippine Call Centers (R. Greenberg and A. Camacho)

Brandon LeVon Cook
Accounting for Code-Switching in Japanese-English Popular Music (Dianne Jonas and Laurence Horn)

Michael Shvartsman
Adjudicating Between Linguistic Theory Types Based on Evidence From Priming: The Case of Successive Cyclicity (Maria Piñango)


Patty Breech
The Verbal Syntax of Old Spanish: A statistical analysis of El libro del Caballero Zifar (Dianne Jonas)

Jonathan Breit
Perspective in Generative Metrics (Stephen Anderson and Ioana Chitoran)

Serena Crivellaro
The Syntax of Cimbrian: Contact-Induced Change in an Endangered Language (Dianne Jonas)

Catherine M. Dolan
Language in Croatia: Influenced by Nationalism (Robert D. Greenberg and Dianne Jonas)

Erica Hilary Greenberg
Evidence for the Divergence Hypothesis?
A Historical Study of Zero Copula in African American English Child Speech (Laurence Horn)

Gary Gregoricka
A Synchronic and Diachronic Analysis of Aspects of Middle Egyptian and Coptic Syntax (Dianne Jonas)

Vardit Haimi-Cohen
The Authorship of Saint Erkenwald: A Syntactic and Etymological Study (Marie Boroff and Dianne Jonas)

Detelina Kalkandjieva
L1 Attrition and L2 Influence: Multiple Wh-Fronting in Bulgarian-English Bilinguals (Maria Babyonyshev)

Kyle Orr
Towards a Complete Theory of Extraprosodic Behavior 

Leslie J. L. Root
Statistical Learning in Infant Phonological Acquisition: Investigating an Articulatory Approach (Ioana Chitoran)


Gabriel Gil Arana
A Minimalist Approach to Code-Switching in English-Chinese Wh-Questions (Maria Bayonyshev)

Lisa Edelson
The Relationship between Prosody and Expressiveness in Williams Syndrome (Dianne Jonas)

Jennifer Guest
Computer Terminology in Scottish Gaelic (Dianne Jonas)


Anneli Chambliss
Experiencers in Finnish raising constructions: a study of the verb vaikuttaa (joltakin) (Dianne Jonas)

Denali K. Dasgupta
PLAYED: An Examination of Pragmatics in Conversation and Game Discourse (Laurence Horn)

Samantha Jay
An Analysis of Interjections: Theory, Biology, and the Brain (Laurence Horn)

James Ryan Larsen
It’s More Than Just Spanglish: Spanish-English Code Switching in Determiner Phrases (Dianne Jonas)

Patricia S. Vandel
Prospects for an Endangered Language: The Effects of Stigmatization, Group Sentiment and Standardization Movements on the Future of the Kashubian Language (Darya Kavitskaya)


Karen Ash
Japanese and English Within Palaun (Dianne Jonas)

Charles Colman
Acquisition of Past Tense Aspect in Child Spanish and French 
A Comparative Study (Dianne Jonas)

Xin Dong
The Syntax of Nonverbal Sentences in Middle Egyptian (Dianne Jonas)

Tova Friedman
The Existential Sentence in Modern Hebrew (Dianne Jonas)

Jill Gray
Train Go Sorry: Idiomaticity in American Sign Language (Laurence Horn)

Jonathan S. Lehman
Vowel Hiatus Resolution in the Transition from Vulgar Latin to Portuguese: An Optimality-Theoretic Account (Darya Kavitskaya)

Kelsey Linnett
Class III Strong Verbs in Old Norse: A Historical Account from A Modern Perspective (Dianne Jonas)

Abhimanyu Sud
Molecules: Thermodynamics ≈ Gestures: Constraint Ranking (Louis Goldstein)

James Summer
The Evidence for Phonological Merger in the LAGS (Laurence Horn)

Jennifer Watson
Talk, Terms, and Turn-Taking in a Virtual Environment (Dianne Jonas)


Catherine Armstrong
Motivation and its Effects on the Pronunciation of Spanish as a Second Language (Dianne Jonas)

Matthew H. Blong
On the Debated Origins of European Hydronymy (Stanley Insler)

Vanessa Herald
Rhotic Distribution in Caipira: A Dialect of Brazilian Portuguese (Darya Kavitskaya)

Jeffrey S. Jacobi
African American Vernacular English in New Haven, Connecticut: A Linguistic Survey of the Tre (Laurence Horn)

David Stewart
The Status of Welsh Culture and Language in Patagonia (Dianne Jonas)

Joshua Wright
Sanskrit Language, Mother Language: Linguistic and Cultural Revival in Modern India (Dianne Jonas and Stanley Insler)


Michael Ellis
Computational Implementation of Discourse Representation Theory for Information Retrieval (Charles Yang)

Mark Herz
The Possible Subjecthood of the Preverbal NP of the German Verb scheinen, ‘seem’ 

Erin Elizabeth Rowe
Pragmatic Deficits in Autism (Dianne Jonas)

Elana Lee Solon
A Platinum Tongue African American Vernacular English as a Prestige Language (Dianne Jonas)


Erin Callaham
Derivational Morphology in Guadeloupe Creole (Dianne Jonas)

Elisha M. Danford
Universal Grammar Ain’t Just for Kids Anymore: Second Language Acquisition After the Critical Period (Sergey Avrutin)

Brooke Anne Hutchens
An Analysis of the SE Morpheme in Catalan, Italian and Spanish (Dianne Jonas)

Stefanie B. Lindskog
Socio-linguistic and Conversational Motivations of Code Switching 

Sarah R. Malech
An Investigation of Narrative Language in Children With Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Using the Social Attribution Task (Rhea Paul)

Jasmine Cagle Swann
First Language Interference in Written Expression: A Multi-dialectical Analysis of English Language Skills and a Proposal for a Pedagogy of Integrated Focused Correction (Dianne Jonas)


Thomas J. Conners
Reordering the Sagas: Evidence Towards a Head Initial VP in Old Icelandic (Dianne Jonas)

John Eure
Maltese Arabic Syllabic Phenomena in Optimality Theory 

Esther Han
Initial Liquid Loan-word Adaptation in Korean: The Case of the Sliding Constraint 

Gregory S. Joo
A Historical Analysis of the Experiencer Verb Think (Dianne Jonas)

Gordy Rogers
Explaining Neutral Vowels in Uralic: an Historical Approach 

Anthony Sagnella
Italo-American Speech in New Haven (Abigail Kaun)

Benjamin Smith
Conversation and Rationality: The Human Subject in Theories of Language Use (Laurence Horn)

Lali Trevor
Negation in Cantonese (Dianne Jonas)


Daniel Ezra Johnson
The Tensing and Laxing of Short “A” in New Haven, Connecticut (Joseph Errington)

Anthony Losongco
Optimality Theory and the syntax of codeswitching: Approaches, methods, and applications (Dianne Jonas)

Rebecca L. Merz
Spelling-Pronunciation Discrepancies in English: How English Spelling Got To Be So Weird (Dianne Jonas)

Adam Morse
Bridging and Definite Noun Phrases (Larry Horn)

Pamela Halsey Varady
Multiple Wh-fronting in Yiddish (Dianne Jonas)


Benjamin Oshrin
The Learning Model (Abigail Kaun)


Julie Ciamporcero
Manual, statistical, and theoretical refinements to Mermelstein’s (1973) model of the human vocal tract (Louis Goldstein)

Bridget Copley
The Significance of Negative Suprasegmentals
Evidence for Term Logic Negation in American Sign Language (Laurence Horn)

Jennifer Cunningham
Evidence for the Role of Pragmatics in Children’s Interpretation of Anaphors (Sergey Avrutin)

Preethi Krishmamurthy
“Out, Out, Damn Gender Gap”: The Effects of Sex on Profanity (Laurence Horn)

Ginessa E. Lawson
Classical and Romantic Views of Metaphor In Modern Linguistic Theory (Laurence Horn)


Matthew Richardson
Defining the Notion of ‘Subject’ in Hindi (Stephen R. Anderson)

P. H. Wilt
Endowing Names with Prejudice: Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Sources of Derogation (Laurence Horn)

Susan Wolf
Fragmented Discourses: Nationalistic and Ethnic Identitarian Ideologies Underlying Bilingual Education (Joseph Errington)


Rebecca Om
Taboo Avoidance and Creativity in Language (Laurence Horn)


Natasha Millikan
And Ain’t I a Man? Masculine Bias in He-man English (Laurence Horn)


Eric Brown
The Politics of Gay Language (Laurence Horn)

Renée Fleysher
“CARTE BLANCHE”: Sociolinguistics of Interaction and Framing of License in Popular Humor in Montreal, Canada (Joseph Errington)

Anne Grundy Nydam
Language Users and Grammar Writers: The Relationship Between Usage and Prescriptivism (Stephanie Jamison)

Ben Zimmer
Linguistic Symbolism in the Emergent Nationalism of Indonesia and the Philippines (Joseph Errington)


Anne Curzan
Sex and Sexism in Words: The transition from grammatical to natural gender in the English Language (Laurence Horn)

Joshua Katz
The Origin of the Greek Alphathematic Pluperfect 
(Jay Jasanoff)

Jason R. Merchant
The impersonal passive in Dutch and German (Laurence Horn)


Benjamin Fortson
(Stanley Insler)

Jay Sekora
Discourse, Functional Sentence Divisions, Word Order, and Language Processing (Laurence Horn)


Bonny Sands
The Tongue Body Shape of /l/ (Louis Goldstein)


Rebeca Arbona
Translation and Code Switching (Kenji Hakuta)

Catherine Marquet
Gender, Power and Language: Implications of Actual and Perceived Speech in a Patriarchal Society (Laurence Horn)

Andrew F. Swartz
A Report to the Scholars of the House Committee. Sign Language Research: An Analysis of the Vocabulary of American Sign Language With Emphasis on a few Verbs of Locomotion (Richard Gerrig)


Samuel Bayer
A Theory of Linearization in Relational Grammar (Laurence Horn)

Anne Malcolm
The Laity and the Tiger: The Semantics of Kind Terms (Laurence Horn)


Lory A. Barsdate
Legal Language: Form and Reform (Laurence Horn)

Ross King
Recent Trends in North Korean Language Policy (Samuel E. Martin)


Barry Schein
Deep and Surface Logical Form (Guy Carden)


Osvaldo Jaeggli
Some Remarks on Spanish Clitics (Laurence Horn)


Barbara Johnstone

Harvey Bock

Morris Hindle

Sarah Shapiro
British Approaches to Structural Semantics (Sidney Lamb)

Ian Worster


David Pesetsky
If I were you sentences and Ross’s performative hypothesis (Guy Carden)