Ph.D. Alumni


Yiding Hao

Dissertation: Theory and Applications of Attribution for Interpretable Language Technology

Advisor: Dana Angluin and Robert Frank

Position: Faculty Fellow, Center for Data Science, New York University

Sarah Babinski

Dissertation: Archival Phonetics & Prosodic Typology in Sixteen Australian Languages

Advisor: Claire Bowern

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Comparative Language Science, University of Zürich


Joshua Phillips

Dissertation: At the intersection of temporal and modal interpretation: Essays on irreality

Advisor: Claire Bowern

Position: Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Linguistics, Yale University

Andy Zhang

Dissertation: Linguistic Variation From Cognitive Variability: The Case of English ‘have’

Advisor: Maria Piñango

Position: Linguist, Google (Human Evaluation and Signals team)

Christopher Geissler

Dissertation: Temporal Articulatory Stability, Phonological Variation, and Lexical Contrast Preservation in Diaspora Tibetan

Advisor: Jason Shaw

Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of English Language & Linguistics, Heinrich-Heine University, Düsseldorf


Parker Brody

Dissertation: Computational Phylogenetic Reconstruction of Pama-Nyungan Verb Conjugation Classes

Advisor: Claire Bowern

Position: Computational Linguist, Lausanne Business Solutions

Martin Fuchs

Dissertation: On the Synchrony and Diachrony of the Spanish Imperfective Domain: Contextual Modulation and Semantic Change

Advisor: Maria Piñango

Position: Presidential Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Ohio State University

Matthew Tyler

Dissertation: Argument Structure and Argument-marking in Choctaw

Advisor:  Jim Wood

Position: Junior Research Fellow in Linguistics, Christ’s College, University of Cambridge


Rikker Dockum

Dissertation:The Tonal Comparative Method: Tai Tone in Historical Perspective

Advisor: Claire Bowern

Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Swarthmore

Sean Gleason

Dissertation: The morpho-syntax and pragmatics of the Latin Accusativus cum Infinitivo

Advisor: Raffaella Zanuttini

Position: Teacher, Notre-Dame High School, West Haven, CT

Dolly Goldenberg

Dissertation: Audio-tactile Integration in Speech Perception: Effects of Aero Tactile Information on the Perception of Voicing in American English and Thai

Advisor: Jason Shaw

Position: Computational Linguist, Apple

Alysia Harris

Dissertation: The non-aspectual meaning of African American English ‘aspectual’ markers

Advisors: Ashwini Deo and Claire Bowern

Position:  Spoken word Poet and Editor, Scalawag Magazine

Ryan Kasak

Dissertation: Affix ordering and templatic morphology in Mandan

Advisors: Stephen Anderson and Claire Bowern

Position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics, University of Okhlahoma

Luke Lindemann

Dissertation: A jewel inlaid: ergativity and markedness in Nepali

Advisor: Claire Bowern

Position:  Postdoctoral Associate, Medical Informatics Center, George Washington University


Natalie Schrimpf

Dissertation: Effects of topic structure on automatic summarization

Advisor: Robert Frank

Position:  Language Engineer, Amazon

Sara Sanchez-Alonso

Dissertation: The cognitive sources of language change and variation: connecting synchronic variation and diachrony in Spanish copula use

Advisor: Maria Piñango

Position:  Associate Research Scientist, Haskins Laboratories


Leandro Bolaños

Dissertation: Perception and production of timing in non-native speech: Russian palatalization

Advisor: Stephen Anderson

Position:  Analytical Linguist, Google

Shira Calamaro

Dissertation: Stratal Harmonic Serialism: Typological predictions and implications

Advisors: Gaja Jarosz and Claire Bowern

Position:  Language Engineer, Amazon

Gregg Castellucci

Dissertation: The temporal organization of mouse ultrasonic vocalizations and its dependence on Foxp2 expression

Advisors: Stephen Anderson & David McCormick

Position: Postdoctoral Trainee, NYU Grossman School of Medicine, Neuroscience Institute; Affiliated Scientist, Haskins Laboratories

Yao-ying Lai

Dissertation: The complement coercion phenomenon: Implications for models of sentence processing

Advisor: Maria Piñango

Position: Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Sabina Matyiku

Dissertation: Semantic effects of head movement: Evidence from negative auxiliary inversion

Advisors: Robert Frank & Raffaella Zanuttini

Position: Machine Learning Engineer, Apple Computer


Jason Zentz

Dissertation: Forming wh-questions in Shona: A comparative Bantu perspective

Advisors: Robert Frank & Raffaella Zanuttini

Position: Assistant Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs, FAS Dean’s Office, Yale University

Nicole Palffy-Muhoray

Dissertation: Hungarian temporal and aspectual reference in the absence of dedicated markers

Advisor: Ashwini Deo

Position: Asst. Director, Yale Peabody Museum Student Programs


E-Ching Ng

Dissertation: The phonology of contact: Creole sound change in context

Advisor: Stephen Anderson


Emily Gasser

Dissertation: Windesi Wamesa morphophonology

Advisor:  Claire Bowern

Position: Associate Professor, Swarthmore College

Kelly Nedwick

Dissertation: Metalinguistic negation in English and Arabic

Advisor:  Laurence Horn

Position: Program Development Consultant, Niagara University

Michael Freedman

Dissertation: Frozen scope and grammatical optimization

Advisor:  Robert Frank

Position: Computational Linguist, Ntrepid Corp


Ilkyu Kim

Dissertation: Korean -(n)un, salience, and information structure

Advisors:  Ashwini Deo, Laurence Horn

Position: Associate Professor, Kangwon National University

Mark Tiede

Dissertation: An MRI-based morphological approach to vocal tract area function estimation

Advisor:  Louis Goldstein

Position: Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories 


Argyro Katsika

Dissertation: Coordination in prosodic gestures at boundaries in Greek

Advisor:  Jelena Krivokapić

Position: Asssistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara

Yuan-Chen Jenny Yang

Dissertation: An information structure approach to passives: with special focus on Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Southern Min

Advisor:  Laurence Horn

Position:  Assistant Teaching Professor,Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, Rutgers


Scott McClure

Dissertation: A system for inducing the phonology and inflectional morphology of a natural language

Advisors:  Gaja Jarosz, Stephen Anderson

Position: Speech Scientist, Nuance Communications, Inc.


Rajdip Dhillon

Dissertation: Stress and tone in Indo-Aryan Languages

Advisor:  Darya Kavitskaya

Jennifer Mack

Dissertation: Information structure and the licensing of English subjects

Advisor:  Laurence Horn

Position: Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Disorders and Neuroscience & Behavior Graduate Program at the University of Massachusetts- Amherst


Erich Round

Dissertation: Kayardild morphology, phonology and morphosyntax

Advisor:  Stephen Anderson

Position: Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland, Australia

Michael Proctor

Dissertation: Gestural characterization of a phonological class: The liquids

Advisor:  Darya Kavitskaya

Position: Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Jodi Reich

Dissertation: Morphosyntax acquisition in hildren with disorders of spoken language

Advisor:  Maria Babyonyshev

Position: Associate Professor of Instuction, PhD Program Director, Temple University, College of Public Health

William Salmon

Dissertation: Dislocations, context and composition: or, double subjects in Brazilian Portuguese

Advisor:  Laurence Horn

Position: Professor of Linguistics and Chair, Department of Linguistics, University of North Texas


Thomas Conners

Dissertation: Tengger Javanese

Advisor:  Dianne Jonas

Position: Research Scientist and Associate Research Professor, University of Maryland, Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security

Man Gao

Dissertation: Mandarin tones: An articulatory phonology account

Advisor:  Louis Goldstein

Position: Senior Lecturer in Chinese, Dalarna University, Sweden

Minjung Son

Dissertation: The nature of Korean place assimilation: Gestural overlap and gestural reduction

Advisor:  Louis Goldstein

Position: Assistant Professor, Hannam University, Korea


Chao Li

Dissertation: Mandarin resultative verb compounds: Where syntax, semantics & pragmatics meet

Advisors:  Maria Babyonyshev, Laurence Horn

Position: Professor, College of Staten Island, CUNY

Hosung Nam

Dissertation: A gestural coupling model of syllable structure

Advisor:  Louis Goldstein

Position: Assistant Professor, Korea University Dept. of English Language and Literature

Stefania Marin

Dissertation: Vowel to vowel coordination, diphthongs and articulatory phonology

Advisor:  Louis Goldstein

Position: Reserch Scientist, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Institute of Phonetics,


Mariko Yanagawa

Dissertation: Articulatory timing in first and second language: A cross-linguistic study

Advisor:  Louis Goldstein


Petra Burkhardt Schumacher

Dissertation: Representation and interpretation at the syntax-discourse interface: Establishing dependency

Advisor:  Maria Piñango

Position: Professorin für Sprachwissenschaft des Deutschen / Empirische Sprachwissenschaft, University of Koln


Kuniyoshi Ishikawa

Dissertation: Predicates, events, and discourse: representing the so-called head-internal relative construction in Japanese

Advisor:  Laurence Horn

Position: Associate Professor, Meiji University

Marianne Pouplier

Dissertation: Units of phonological encoding: Empirical evidence

Advisor:  Louis Goldstein

Position: Professor, Institut für Phonetik und Sprachverarbeitung, University of Munich


Iris Smorodinsky

Dissertation: Schwas with and without active gestural control

Advisor:  Louis Goldstein

Position: Associate Teaching Professor, Department of French and Francophone Studies, Georgetown University


K. David Harrison

Dissertation: Topics in the phonology and morphology of Tuvan

Advisor:  Stephen Anderson

Position: Professor and Chair, Swarthmore College

Seungja Choi

Dissertation: Negation in Korean and Japanese

Advisor:  Laurence Horn

Position: Director of Language Instruction/Associate DUS /Senior Lector II), Yale MacMillan Center: Council on East Asian Studies

William A. Vance

Dissertation: The Rigvedic temporal vocabulary, with linguistic notes on some related Indo-European words

Advisor: Stanley Insler

Position: Director The Executive Voice


Bryan Gick

Dissertation: Articulatory basis of syllable structure: a study of English glides and liquids

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Position:  Professor Universtiy of British Columbia

Douglas N. Honorof

Dissertation: The effect of explicit articulatory training on adult gestural acquisition

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Position:  Senior Scientist, Haskins Laboratories

Lizanne Kaiser

Dissertation: Morphosyntax of clausal nominalization constructions

Advisor: Stephen Anderson

Position:  Linguistic Consultant at Lexicon Branding, Inc., California USA


Yuki Takatori

Dissertation: A study of phonological constraint in Slavic phonology

Advisors: William Mahota/Draga Zec

Position: Associate Professor, Georgia State University


Miles Beckwith

Dissertation: The Greek reduplicated aorist

Advisor: B. Vine

Position: Chair, Associate Professor of English, Iona College

M. David Greenspon

Dissertation: On reflexives and middles

Advisor: Laurence Horn

Parviz Parsafar

Dissertation: Spatial prepositions in Modern Persian

Advisor: Laurence Horn

Position: Instructor, Yuba College (English as a Second Language)


Rosanne H. Pelletier

Dissertation: Aspects of the syntax and morphology of Telugu

Advisor: Laurence Horn


Cleo Condoravdi

Dissertation: Descriptions in context

Advisor: Donka Farkas

Position: Professor, Stanford University

Sun-Hee Kim

Dissertation: Division of labor between grammar and pragmatics: The distribtuion and interpretation of anaphora

Advisor: Laurence Horn

Simon Kimani Njogu

Dissertation: Discourse in East African dialogue poetry: a sociolinguistic approach

Advisor: A. Biersteker

Position: Director of Twaweza Communications and former Associate Professor of African languages at Kenyatta University in Kenya


Margaret Hall Dunn

Dissertation: The phonetics and phonology of geminate consonants: Evidence from Finnish and Italian

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Martha Wang Gallagher

Dissertation: A Study of reduplicatives in the Chu Cí

Advisor: Hugh Stimson

Position:  Professor of Chinese, U.S. Miltary Academy, West Point, NY (Retired)

Elizabeth C. Zsiga

Dissertation: Features, gestures & the temporal aspects of phonological organization

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Position: Professor of Linguistics, Georgetown University


Peter Hendriks

Dissertation: History & development of nominal predication in 8th century Japanese

Advisor: S. Martin

Position:  Deputy Dean of Students, Australian National University

Caroline L. Smith

Dissertation: The temporal organization of vowel and consonant gestures

Advisor:  Louis Goldstein

Position: Associate Professor Department of Linguistics University of New Mexico


Andre M. Cooper

Dissertation: An articulatory account of aspiration in English

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Position: Associate Professor, University of the West Indies


Sung-bum Lee

Dissertation: On the form and interpretation of inflectional anaphora

Advisor: Donka Farkas

Position: Professor, Department of English Literature and Linguistics, Sogang University


Harriet S. Magen

Dissertation: Acoustic study of vowel-vowel coarticulation in English

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Position: Professor Emerita , Rhode Island College, Department of Communications

Rena A. Krakow

Dissertation: Articulatory organization of syllables: kinematic analysis of kabial and velar gestures

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Position: Associate Professor, Temple University, School of Public Health


Suzanne E. Boyce

Dissertation: The influence of phonological structure on articulatory organization in Turkish and English: Vowel harmony and coarticularion

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Position: Professor, University of Cincinnati, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders


Sharon Y. Manuel

Dissertation: Acoustic & perceptual consequences of V-V coarticulation in three Bantu languages

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Position: Associate Professor at Northeastern University, Speech Pathology and Audiology


Alexander C. Lehrman

Dissertation: Simple thematic imperfectives in Anatolian and Indo-European

Advisor: Warren Cowgill

Position: Associate Professor, University of Delaware,  Deceased: October 10, 2011, 

Charles E. Hoequist, Jr.

Dissertation: A comparative study of linguistic rhythm

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Position: Researcher, Cambridge University, Department of Engineering, Deceased: June 7, 2018,

Greer Watson

Dissertation: Pronouns and prepositional phrases

Advisor: Laurence Horn

Position: Researcher, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto


Donald A. Ringe, Jr.

Dissertation: Perfect tense in Greek inscriptions

Advisor: Warren Cowgill

Position: Professor, University of Pensylvania

Leon A. Serafim

Dissertation: Shondu: The prehistory of a Northern Ryukyuan dialect in Japanese

Advisor: Samuel E. Martin

Position: Professor Emeritus of the University of Hawaii


Janet Elaine Gertz

Dissertation: The nominative-accusative neuter plural in Anatolian

Advisor: Warren Cowgill

Position: Director for Preservation for Columbia University Libraries

Karen E. Sandness

Dissertation: The evolution of the Japnese past and perfect particles in the Muromati periods

Advisor: Samuel E. Martin

Position: Assistant Professor, Linfield College, Oregon

Michael A. Covington

Dissertation: Syntactic theory in the Late Middle Ages: Modernistic models of sentence dtructure

Advisor: Rulon Wells

Position: Senior Research Scientist Emeritus former Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Institute for Artificial Intelligence The University of Georgia  

Douglas H. Whalen

Dissertation: Perceptual effects of phonetic mismatches

Advisor: Louis Goldstein

Position: Distinguished Professor of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences, The Graduate Center (CUNY); Vice President of Research, Haskins Laboratories;  Adjunct Professor of Linguistics, Yale University


May Chao Shih

Dissertation: Methods for diagnosing ubsystems of L2 grammars

Position: Assistant Professor of English, San Francisco State University

William H. Cook

Dissertation: A grammar of North Carolina Cherokee

Advisor: Floyd Lounsbury

Position: Guest Professor of English, University of Sofia, Bulgaria


Andrea G. Levitt

Dissertation: The effects of clause structure on memory for sentences

Position: Professor Emerita of French and Linguistics, Wellesley College 


Stephanie Wroth Jamison

Dissertation: The -aya- verbal formations in Vedic Sanskrit

Advisor: Stanley Insler

Position: Distinguished Professor, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, University of California, Los Angeles


J. Marshall Unger

Dissertation: Studies in Early Japanese morphophonemics   

Advisor: Samuel Martin

Position: Emeritus Professor of Japanese, Ohio State University

Ronald W. Beukema

Dissertation: A grammatical sketch of Chimborazo Quichua  

Advisor: Floyd Lounsbury

Position: Computer Analyst, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Samuel R. Ramsey, Jr.

Dissertation: Accent and morphology in Korean dialects

Advisor: Samuel Martin

Position: Professor of East Asian Linguistics, University of Maryland

Shigeru Tsuchida

Dissertation: Reconstruction of Proto-Tsouic phonology   

Advisor: Isidore Dyen

Position: Professor, Teikyo Heisei University


Jared S. Klein

Dissertation: The particle u in the Riqveda   

Advisor: Stanley Insler

Position: Distinguished Research Professor of Linguistics, Classics, and Germanic and Slavic Languages, Franklin College of Arts and Science, University of  Georgia

Curtis D. McFarland

Dissertation: The dialects of the Bikol area   

Advisor: Isidore Dyen

Marianne Mithun

Dissertation: A grammar of Tuscarora

Advisor: Floyd Lounsbury

Position: Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Paul D. Black

Dissertation: Lowland East Cushitic: Reconstruction & subgrouping   

Advisor: Isidore Dyen

Position: Casual VET Teaching - Adult Literacy & Numeracy

Thomas G. Dieterich

Dissertation: Non-pronominal anaphora and specificity in English

Advisor: Rulon Wells

Position: Professor of Applied Linguistics Portland State College


Bernd Nothofer

Dissertation: The reconstruction of Proto-Malayo-Javanic   

Advisor: Isidore Dyen

Position: Professor Emeritus, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Clifford Abbott

Dissertation: Derivations of English infinitives

Advisor: Rulon Wells

Position: Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

William M. Christie, Jr.

Dissertation: A Stratificational view of linguistic change

Advisor: Sydney Lamb

Position: Professor of English, University of Arizona


Paul Alexander Humez

Dissertation: The vocalic system of Modern Standard French

Position: Free Lance Writer


Hans Henrich Hock

Dissertation: The so-called aeoIic inflection of the Greek contract verbs

Advisor: Warren Cowgill

Position: Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Sanskrit, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jorge E. Hankamer

Dissertation: Constraints on deletion rules in syntax

Position: Professor, UC Santa Cruz


Delagnel H. Roop

Dissertation: A grammar of the Lisu language

Advisor: William Cornyn

Position: Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii, Department of Indo-Pacific Languages

David Francis

Dissertation: Greek disyllabic roots: The aorist formations

Advisor: Warren Cowgill

Position Professor of Classics, University of Texas, Deceased

David C. Bennett

Dissertation: Spatial & temporal uses of English presuppositions

Position: Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, Deceased: 2002


H. Christoph Wolfart

Dissertation: An outline of Plains Cree morphology

Advisor: Floyd Lounsbury

Position: Distinguished Professor of Linguistics Emeritus, University of Manitoba,

Yoshihiko Ikegami

Dissertation: The semiotic structure of the English verbs of motion

Position: Professor, University of Tokyo


Elizabeth W. Barber

Dissertation: The computer-aided analysis of undeciphered ancient texts

Position: Professor Emerita of Archaeology and Linguistics, Occidental College

Sarah Thomason

Dissertation: Noun suffixation in Serbo-Croatian dialects

Advisor: Alexander Schenker

Position: Professor, University of Michigan


Andrew L. Sihler

Dissertation: On the phonemic status of the Proto-Indoeuropean resonants

Advisor: Warren Cowgill

Position: Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Henry E. Rogers

Dissertation: The phonology and morphology of Sherbro

Position: Professor, University of Toronto, Deceased: February 2, 2010

John Guy Fought

Dissertation: A grammar of Chortí

Position: Professor of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania

Paul H. Voorhis

Dissertation: A grammar of Kickapoo

Position: Professor Emeritus of Native Studies and Languages, Brandon University, Manitoba


Frederick J. Damerau

Dissertation: Empirical investigation of statistically generated sentences

Position Researcher, IBMThomas J. Watson, Deceased: January 27, 2009,

Raimo Anttila

Dissertation: Proto-Indoeuropean schwa-ablaut

Advisor: Warren Cowgill

Position: Professor Emeritus, UCLA Linguistics, Deceased: January 27, 2023

Adam Makkai

Dissertation: The idiom structure of English

Advisor: Rulon Wells

Position: Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago, Deceased: January 18, 2020


John U. Wolff

Dissertation: Syntax of Cebuano Bisayari

Advisor: Isidore Dyen

Position:  Professor Emeritus, Linguistics and Asian Studies, Cornell University


Valerie Becker Makkai

Dissertation: Verb structures of Modern Literary Arabic and Lebanese Colloquial Arabic

Position: Professor Emerita, University of Illinois at Chicago

W. Keith Percival

Dissertation: A grammar of Toba-Batak

Advisor: Isidore Dyen

Position: Professor Emeritus, University of Kansas

Alan M. Stevens

Dissertation: A grammar of Madurese

Advisor: Isidore Dyen

Position: Professor Emeritus, Queens College

Kay R.M. Williamson

Dissertation: The Kolokuma dialect of Ijo

Advisor: Bernard Bloch

Position Dean, Graduate School University of Port Harcourt, Deceased: January 3, 2005,


Samuel Jay Keyser

Dissertation: The dialect of Samuel Worcester

Advisor: Helge Kökeritz

Position: Professor of Linguistics Emeritus, MIT


John J. Chew, Jr.

Dissertation: A transformational analysis of the syntax of Colloquial Japanese

Position: Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto-Anthropology


George Cardona

Dissertation: The Indo-European thematic aorists

Advisor: Warren Cowgill

Position: Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and South Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Karl M.D. Rosen

Dissertation: Greek loans in Latin through the period of the Republic

Position: Professor in Classics and Linguistics, University of Kansas, Deceased: July 19, 2018,

Herbert Landar

Dissertation: Navaho syntax

Advisor: Floyd Lounsbury

Position: Professor of Linguistics, English and Anthropology, California State University of Los Angeles, Deceased: February 3, 2003


Hugh M. Stimson

Dissertation: The Chung-yüan yin yüng: A study in an Early Mandarin phonological system 

Position: Yale University (Professor Emeritus), Deceased, January 24, 2011


Wallace Chafe

Dissertation: Seneca morphology

Position Professor of Linguistics University of California, Santa Barbara,  Deceased: February 3, 2019

Robert A. Bays

Dissertation: Tense and aspect in Spanish

Franklin Southworth

Dissertation: An experiment in the comparative method based on four modern Indic languages

Position: Professor Emeritus of South Asian Linguistics,  University of Pennsylvania


Warren Cowgill

Dissertation: The Indo-european longavowel preterites

Position:  Professor of Linguistics, Yale University,  Deceased: 1985,


John C. Street

Dissertation: Outline grammar of the language of the Secret History of the Mongols

Position: Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison,

Betty J. Sheft

Dissertation: Grammatical method in Pivini

Roderick Ross Macdonald

Dissertation: Russian prepositions

Warren Held

Dissertation: The relative sentence in Hittite

Kun Chng

Dissertation: The Kathinavastu (study of a Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit text)


Lawrence C. Thompson

Dissertation: Grammar of South Vietnamese

Position:  Professor of Linguistics, University of Hawaii, Deceased: 2009,

Richard B. Noss

Dissertation: Outline of Siamese grammar


Alfred Sheldon Wise

Dissertation: Russian noun suffixation

Alexander Schenker

Dissertation: Nominal inflection in modern colloquial Polish

Position:  Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature, Yale University, Deceased:  August 21, 2019

Howard B. Garey

Dissertation: The historical development of tenses from Late Latin to Old French

Position: Professor, Yale University, Deceased: September 27, 2014,


Andrew H. Yarrow


Eleanor H. Jorden


Advisor: Bernard Block

Position:  Chairman of the Department of East Asian Languages at the U.S. State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, Deceased: February 18, 2009

Samuel E. Martin

Dissertation: Japanese morphophonemics

Advisor: Bernard Bloch

Position:  Professor of Far Eastern Linguistics, Yale University, Deceased: November 28, 2009

Notable Linguists Awarded Yale Degrees in Other Fields

1963 Paul Postal

(PhD Anthropology): Some syntactic rules in Mohawk

1963 Stanley Insler

(PhD Far Eastern Languages & Literatures)

1955 Harold C. Conklin

(PhD Anthropology)

1949 Floyd G. Lounsbury

(PhD Anthropology): Comparative Iroquoian morphology

1939 Charles F. Hockett

(PhD Anthropology): A descriptive grammar of the Potawatomi Language

1935 Mary Haas

(PhD Anthropology): A grammar of the Tunica language

1933 Walter Dyk

(PhD Anthropology): A grammar of Wishram

1933 Morris Swadesh

(PhD Anthropology): The internal economy of the Nootka word

1933 Stanley Stewart Newman

(PhD Anthropology): A grammatical sketch of Yokuts

1778  Noah Webster (BA)