Yale Linguistics hosting PhoNE

April 2, 2015
Phonology in the Northeast (PhoNE) will take place at Yale this Saturday, April 4th. The workshop will include student and faculty participants from Rutgers, NYU, UMass Amherst, Yale, and MIT. The workshop is organized by Associate Professor Gaja Jarosz and Assistant Professor Ryan Bennett. PhD candidate E-Ching Ng will give a talk titled, “Transmission bias: What language contact does to sound change,” based on her dissertation.
Here is the complete workshop schedule:
10:30 Transmission bias: What language contact does to sound change - E-Ching Ng (Yale)
11:00 The time course of phonotactic generalization - Tal Linzen (NYU)
11:30 BREAK
12:00 Environmental shielding is contrast preservation - Juliet Stanton (MIT)
12:40 LUNCH
2:45 On the existence of sonority-driven stress - Shu-hao Shih (Rutgers)
3:15 A parallel OT analysis of exceptional stress in Turkish - Deniz Ozyildiz (UMass)
3:45 BREAK
4:30 Headed agreement by correspondence in Basque disharmonic roots -  Luca Iacoponi (Rutgers)
5:00 Toward a detection theoretic analysis of sensitivity to lexical restriction - Amanda Rysling (UMass)
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