Dongmei Rao and Jason Shaw Publish Papers in Journal of Phonetics, Data in Brief

Dongmei Rao, former visiting scholar (19-20), and Jason Shaw published a paper entitled “The role of gestural timing in non-coronal fricative mergers in Southwestern Mandarin: Acoustic evidence from a dialect island”. The paper reports new phonetic data linking synchronic variation in the production of velar and labiodental fricatives to patterns of diachronic merger of these sounds found across Southwestern Mandarin varieties.

Veneeta Dayal to deliver Annual Henry and Teresa Biggs lecture at Washington University

Veneeta Dayal will deliver the Annual Henry and Teresa Biggs lecture at Washington University, St. Louis, MO on April 1, 2022. She will be speaking on “Genericity and (In)definiteness: A Cross-linguistic Perspective”. In this talk, Dayal acknowledges that understandng of genericity and (in)definiteness are largely shaped by how these concpets are understood from an English language perspective, being the language in which these concepts were first studied.

Jason Shaw publishes paper in Language and Linguistics Compass

Shaw’s article looks at micro-prosody as the study of duration and timing of speech events. Shaw presents a frameowrk to illustrate patterns of micro-prosody across languages. The framework presented in this paper is also intened to offer effective tools for phonetic documentation, and considers how micro-prosody relates to other levels of phonoloigcal structure and types of data that can infer aspects of micro-prosody. The article can be accessed at the link below. 

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