Current Grants

Current Grants


Documenting variation in Niitsi’powahsin (Blackfoot)
co-PIs: Inge Genee, Marie-Odile Junker
Collaborators: Conor Snoek, Heather A. Bliss, Mizuki Miyashita, Natalie Weber, Nicole Rosen
SSHRC Insight Grant 

Historical Linguistics

The Semantics of Negation across Time and Space
PI: Claire Bowern
National Science Foundation (BCS #2116164)

Computational Linguistics

Inductive Biases for the Acquisition of Syntactic Transformations in Neural Networks
Robert Frank, in collaboration with Tal Linzen (New York University)
National Science Foundation (BCS #1919321

21st Century Tools for Indigenous Languages
PI: Antti Arppe (University of Alberta)
Natalie Weber, with 31 other co-investigators and collaborators
SSHRC Partnership Grant (895-2019-1012)
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