Yale and Haskins linguists present at ICPhS 2019 in Melbourne

August 26, 2019

Many students, faculty, and alumni of Yale linguistics, as well as colleagues from nearby Haskins Laboratories, presented their work at the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS) in Melbourne, Australia, earlier this month. They contributed at least 14 talks and posters to the conference and enjoyed a full week of presentations about phonetics, connecting with colleagues and friends from all over the world. 

Current members of the Yale linguistics department at ICPhS were: Prof. Jason Shaw; Prof. Doug Whalen (also of Haskins and CUNY); Lecturer Chelsea Sanker; PhD candidates Chris Geissler, Andy Zhang, and Sarah Babinski; and graduate student Vivian Guo Li. They were joined by many members of Haskins Laboratories, including Dr. Mark Tiede; Dr. Wei-Rong Chen; and PhD Candidates Boram Kim and Jaekoo Kang. 

Andy Zhang and Sarah Babinski were recipients of IPA Student Abstract Awards for the conference. There were also numerous Yale alumni in attendance, including Michael Proctor (PhD 2009, now a Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University), seen in the photo, who was author on multiple talks and chaired two sessions.

An abbreviated list of presentations from Yale linguists: 
- The temporal basis of complex segments (talk); Jason Shaw
- Gestural representations of tone in Mandarin: Evidence from timing alternations (talk); Andy Zhang, Chris Geissler, Jason Shaw
- Accuracy assessments of hand and automatic measurements of ultrasound images of the tongue (talk); D.H. Whalen 
- Effects of coda voicing on vowel phonation (poster); Chelsea Sanker
- /a-a/ and /i-i/ at three junctures in Cantonese (poster); Vivian Guo Li
- Tonal and laryngeal contrasts in Diaspora Tibetan (poster); Chris Geissler
- Phonetic variation across Australian languages (poster); Sarah Babinski

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