PhD Alum Matt Tyler publishes paper in Natural Language & Linguistic Theory

Yale Linguistics alumnus, Matt Tyler, has recently published an article titled “Serial verb constructions and the syntax-prosody interface” in Natural Language & Linguistic Theory. Matt’s paper focuses on serial verb constructions in Degema arguing for a partly-unified postsyntactic module, wherein mrophology and prosody are built in parallel. 

The article can be viewed at the link below.

Claire Bowern and former students publish paper on Pama-Nyungan kinship

Former Pama-Nyungan lab member Catherine Sheard (lead author), department PhD alum Rikker Dockum, Claire Bowern, and Bristol Anthropology Professor Fiona Jordan, recently published a paper in the journal Evolutionary Human Sciences using phylogenetic methods to study the ways that different kinship systems change across the Pama-Nyungan family.

PhD Graduate Martín Fuchs to start a postdoctoral position at Utrecht University

Martín Fuchs recently graduated the PhD program with the dissertation “On the Synchrony and Diachrony of the Spanish Imperfective Domain: Contextual Modulation and Semantic Change”. In the fall, Martín will begin a postdoctoral position at the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, as part of the “Time in Translation” NWO-funded project. Congratulations, Martín!

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