Proceedings of SSMCA workshop published online

February 5, 2015
We are pleased to announce the Proceedings of the Workshop on the Sound Systems of Mexico and Central America (SSMCA). The workshop was hosted by our department last spring. The proceedings were edited by Assistant Professor Ryan Bennett, alumna Emily Gasser (PhD ‘14; Swarthmore), and graduate students Rikker Dockum, Dolly Goldenberg, Ryan Kasak, and Patrick Patterson.
The papers in this volume deal with the phonetics and phonology of a diverse set of indigenous languages spoken in Mesoamerica and Northern Mexico. Topics include stress, lexical tone, intonation, the syntax-prosody interface, and various issues in segmental phonology. The volume includes articles in both English and Spanish.
The SSMCA proceedings are available online at:

Table of contents

“Marcación Entonativa en Enunciados Declarativos, Negativos e Interrogativos Neutros en Huave de San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca” (Mary Carmen Aguilar Ruiz, Samuel Herrera Castro, Erika Mendoza Vázquez)
“Retroflexión y Palatalización en el Mazateco de San Lorenzo Cuaunecuiltitla, Oaxaca” (Hugo Carrera Guerrero)
“Nasalidad en Lenguas Otomangues: Aproximación a sus Contrastes y Tipología” (Mario E. Chávez-Peón)
“Triqui Tonal Coarticulation and Contrast Preservation in Tonal Phonology” (Christian DiCanio)
“Laryngeals in Guarijío (Uto-Aztecan): Synchrony” (Jason Haugen)
“Prominencia Silábica en el Triqui de Chicahuaxtla” (Fidel Hernández Mendoza)
“The Interaction of Laryngealized Vowels, Stress, and Falling Pitch in Mariteco Cora” (Yuni Kim and Margarita Valdovinos)
“Phonological Evidence for the Syntax of VOS and SVO in Huave” (Marjorie Pak)
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