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Sign of the times

Noah Macey (Linguistics ‘09) reports on a new pilot American Sign Language (ASL) program at Yale, with courses taught by Jessica Tanner. The pilot program begins in the spring, when the university will offer two ASL classes through the Linguistics Department, which petitioned the Language Study Committee last spring for the course’s approval.

Pama-Nyungan lab members publish paper on forced alignment

Members of the Pama-Nyungan lab recently published a write-up of their results on forced alignment algorithms. Their paper on “A Robin Hood approach to forced alignment: English-trained algorithms and their use on Australian languages” was recently published in the proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. They show that for some purposes, English-trained models can be used without crucial loss of accuracy.

North American Computational Linguistics Open competition (NACLO) at Yale

This year again, for the 6th consecutive year, the Linguistics Department has invited middle and high school students to hone their analytical skills while working on linguistic problems and training for the NACLO competition. We have done so by hosting training sessions for NACLO, on Sunday afternoons, led by a group of our undergraduate students (Andrew Benz, David Gold, Chloe Gonzalez, Helena Lyng-Olsen and Kento Tanaka), with the help of two faculty members (Jason Shaw and Raffaella Zanuttini).

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