Sign of the times

November 19, 2017

Noah Macey (Linguistics ‘09) reports on a new pilot American Sign Language (ASL) program at Yale, with courses taught by Jessica Tanner. The pilot program begins in the spring, when the university will offer two ASL classes through the Linguistics Department, which petitioned the Language Study Committee last spring for the course’s approval.

Prior to this, students could take ASL only through small not-for-credit classes offered through Yale’s Directed Independent Language Study (DILS) program. Tanner’s ASL group has been one of most popular DILS programs since it began in 2010. In the spring, Tanner will move from DILS to the Linguistics Department, where she will teach introductory and intermediate classes in ASL. 

Macey’s article provides a glimpse into Tanner’s current DILS classes, and discusses how the new pilot program was approved at Yale. 

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