Natalie Weber


Ling 235/635: Phonological Theory

Topics in the architecture of a theory of sound structure. Motivations for replacing a system of ordered rules with a system of ranked constraints. Optimality theory: universals, violability, constraint types and their interactions. Interaction of phonology and morphology, as well as the relationship of phonological theory to language acquisition and learnability. Opacity, lexical phonology, and serial versions of optimality theory.

Term: Spring 2019
Day/Time: Monday & Wednesday, 11:35a.m. - 12:50p.m.

Ling 344/744: Topics in Phonology: Prosody-Syntax Structure Correspondence

This course explores how languages organize sounds into domains arranged within a hierarchical structure. Research over the past 40 years has shown that this prosodic structure often matches syntactic structure, but mismatches can arise due to phonological pressures. We examine several theories of the relationship between syntactic and prosodic structure by discussing primary literature and data from a range of languages. The course culminates in an original research paper on a topic chosen by the student. 

Prerequisites: LING 232 and LING 253, or permission of instructor. Ling 235 is recommended, but not required.

Term: Spring 2019
Day/Time: Tuesday, 9:25a.m. - 11:15a.m.