Yale Linguists Traveling to Iceland

May 11, 2013

Sabina Matyiku, Jim Wood, and Raffaella Zanuttini are traveling to the University of Iceland this week to present their papers at the 25th Scandinavian Conference on Linguistics. Sabina Matyiku will be presenting a talk in the general session entitled, Motivating Movement: The Case of Negative Inversion in West Texas English. Jim Wood will be presenting a paper entitled, Moving dependent accusatives into the subject position in a workshop Syntactic Variation in Scandinavia, which he is co-running with Halldór Ármann Sigurðsson. Jim Wood will present collaborative work with Einar Freyr Sigurðsson entitled Icelandic deverbal adjectives and case-alternations in the workshop Syntax and Semantics of Adjectives. Raffaella Zanuttini will be presenting collaborative work with Judy Bernstein entitled, Indefinite subjects and negation in Appalachian English in the workshop Formal Ways of Analyzing Variation. Click through to the conference website linked above for more information on their papers.