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Roslyn Burns has published a new article in Glossa

Burns’ article investigates the relationshibp between loanword adaptation and phonological borrowing in an enclave of the Mexican Plautdietsch community Texas. Burns shows that the novel Mexican Spanish pattern of loanword adaptation and phonological borrowing entered the community as a result of the unique structure of phonological representation associated with advanced bilingualism. In this article, Burns proposes an expansion of models of loanword adaptation to account for outcomes involving restructuring of heritage languages.

Milena Šereikaitė publishes in Syntax

Milena Šereikaitė has recently published in the journal Syntax. Milena’s article titled, “Impersonals, passives and impersonal pronouns: Lessons from Lithuanian”, focuses on properties of VoiceP and impersonal pronouns through contrasting two Lithuanian constructions: the -mal-ta impersonal and the canonical passive. 

The article can be viewed through the link below.

Milena Šereikaitė won award for best paper in Language

Milena Šereikaitė received the prestigious “Best paper in Language Award”, together with her co-authors Julie Anne Legate, Faruk Akkuş and Donald Ringe. Their article “On passives of passives” (Language 96:4, December 2020) furthers our understanding of the notion of voice and provides an account of the well-known but mysterious observation that verbs cannot be passivized twice.

Several Yale linguists present at AMP 2020

Several phonologists are presenting at the Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP) 2020.

Jason Shaw is presenting a paper co-authored with Sejin Oh (Yale-affiliated, at Haskins), Alexei Kochetov & Karthik Durvasula: “Distinguishing complex segments from consonant clusters using gestural coordination

There are also three posters:

Sarah Babinski: “Intrinsic f0 and sound change: Evidence from Australian languages”,

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