November 2017 News

  • November 27, 2017
    Interested candidates for a tenure-track junior position should submit an application online by December 1, 2017.
  • November 26, 2017
    The 2017 Stony Brook–Yale–NYU–CUNY conference will be held at Yale’s Dunham Laboratory.
  • November 19, 2017
    Noah Macey (Linguistics ‘09) reports on a new pilot American Sign Language (ASL) program at Yale, with courses taught by Jessica Tanner. The pilot program begins in the ...
  • November 15, 2017
    Jim Wood, Matt Barros, and Matt Tyler presented two talks and a poster.
  • November 12, 2017
    The Yale Herald reports on a recent comedy show at Yale by D.J. Demers. Demers is hard of hearing and incorporates jokes about his experiences growing up and wearing hearing...
  • November 6, 2017
    Scholars from a wide range of institutions and disciplines came to Yale to discuss the cognitive foundations of variation and change in meaning.