Yale Grammatical Diversity Project featured in Boston Globe, Columbus Dispatch, and Slate

August 15, 2015

The Yale Grammatical Diversity Project, led by Postdoctoral Associate Jim Wood, Professor Raffaella Zanuttini, and Professor Larry Horn, has been enjoying increased media attention over the past few months. Since being featured this past spring by Yale News, additional articles have appeared in the Boston Globe, the Columbus Dispatch, and on Slate’s Lexicon Valley blog.

The Boston Globe article focuses on the So Don’t I construction and YGDP’s work documenting its distribution in American English. An opinion piece for the Columbus Dispatch looks at the Needs Washed construction and Negative Inversion, both used by speakers in Ohio, and profiles several other phenomenaSlate’s Lexicon Valley blog also recently profiled YGDP. Their post discusses some of the fallacies that underpin prejudices against regional varieties of American English, which harks back to op-eds that Raffaella has previously written for the Pacific Standard on language prejudice and language change.

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