Martín Fuchs and María Piñango presented their research at the Annual CUNY Conference

PhD candidate Martin Fuchs
March 31, 2019

PhD candidate Martín Fuchs and Prof. María Piñango presented two posters at the 32nd Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing held in Boulder, Colorado.
Their first poster, “Theory of Mind and Common Ground underpin mechanisms of language variation that lead to change: the Imperfective domain across three Spanish varieties”, presents results from an SPR task that shows that patterns observed across different dialects of Spanish are consistent with a model of variation embedded in a communicative system subject to tensions between Common Ground and Theory of Mind. Their second poster, “Contrastive informativity strength drives real-time language variation and change: an online study of the Spanish habitual in three dialectal varieties”, describes the process of generalization of the Present Progressive marker in Spanish through a self-paced reading task. They show that this process of change is driven by the contrastive informativity strength of the lexico-semantic properties of the Present Progressive marker.

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