Larry Horn and Martín Fuchs publish chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Negation

Martín Fuchs
May 17, 2020
Professor Emeritus Larry Horn published two chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Negation (link to online version). In “Negation and Opposition: Contradiction and contrariety in logic and language”, he addresses the complications that arise from equating Aristotle’s semantic category of contradictory opposition with the syntactic category of sentence (vs. constituent) negation. In his other chapter, “Neg-Raising” he analyzes both grammatical and semantic/pragmatic approaches to the phenomenon of Neg-Raising. 
Recent PhD graduate Martín Fuchs also published a chapter in the handbook, “Negation and the Brain: Experiments in health and in focal brain disease, and their theoretical implications”, in collaboration with researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of Buenos Aires, the Université Laval, and the INM-1 at the Forschungszentrum Jülich. Their chapter investigates the possible brain bases for negation by reporting an experiment on individuals with Broca’s aphasia.
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