Dongmei Rao and Jason Shaw Publish Papers in Journal of Phonetics, Data in Brief

March 31, 2022

Dongmei Rao, former visiting scholar (19-20), and Jason Shaw published a paper entitled “The role of gestural timing in non-coronal fricative mergers in Southwestern Mandarin: Acoustic evidence from a dialect island”. The paper reports new phonetic data linking synchronic variation in the production of velar and labiodental fricatives to patterns of diachronic merger of these sounds found across Southwestern Mandarin varieties. A companion article in Data in Brief, which also involves PhD alum Rikker Dockum as a co-author, reports on methodological considerations for the study of fricative variation. Both papers are open access and the entire dataset is publically available on OSF.


Journal of Phonetics paper:

Data in Brief paper:

OSF archive:

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