Yale linguists contribute to The Routledge Handbook of Historical Linguistics

August 14, 2014

Associate professor Claire Bowern and Bethwyn Evans (ANU) have co-edited The Routledge Handbook of Historical Linguistics, now available for purchase. The volume provides a survey of the field covering the methods which underpin current work, models of language change, and the importance of historical linguistics for other subfields of linguistics and other disciplines.


Divided into five sections, the volume’s 35 chapters encompass a wide range of approaches and address issues in the following areas:

  • historical perspectives
  • methods and models
  • language change
  • interfaces
  • regional summaries

The introduction is co-written by Claire, and two other Yale linguists have contributed chapters. Professor Steve Anderson’s chapter is titled “Morphological change,” and associate professor Ashwini Deo​’s is called “Formal semantics/pragmatics and language change.”

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