Yale Linguistics hosting FASAL 5 this weekend

April 11, 2015

Today and tomorrow, April 11-12, 2015, the Yale Linguistics Department is hosting the fifth Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages workshop (FASAL 5), organized by Associate Professor Ashwini Deo. This conference brings together linguists researching South Asian languages from the perspective of formal theories of morphology/syntax and semantics/pragmatics.

The full program is included below, and can be viewed at this link, or as a PDF here.

Venue: Room 203, Luce Hall 34 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT 06511

Sat 04/11 845-915 Registration & breakfast
  915-930 Opening remarks
(Robert Frank)
  930-1030 Jeffrey Lidz (Maryland)
Inside the Language Acquisition Device: Insights from Kannada
  1030-1100 Troy Messick (UConn) 
Pronoun-agreement mismatches in Telugu
  1100-1120 Coffee break
  1120-1150 Itamar Francez (UC) & Andrew Koontz-Garboden (Manchester)
The locus of variation:  A case study from Malayalam property
concept constructions
  1150-1220 Mythili Menon (USC) & Roumyana Pancheva (USC)
Decomposing color expressions in Malayalam
  1230-100 Poster presentations
  100-230 Lunch + Poster session 1
  230-300 Sakshi Bhatia (UMass)
Causation in Hindi-Urdu: Agents and Subjects
  300-330 Vera Zu (NYU)
Binding and shifting in Kathmandu Newari
  330-400 Coffee Break
  400-430 Sandhya Sundaresan (Leipzig)
Different routes to reflexivity: voice vs. perspective
  430-500 Nagaraja Selvanathan (Rutgers)
Reflexive connectivity, reconstruction and the interpretation
of chains in Tamil
  500-530 Rahul Balusu (EFLU)
Sluicing in Dravidian: Tracing the source
  600- Dinner in Luce Hall
Sun 04/12 900-930 Breakfast
  930-1030 John Beavers (UT Austin)
Anticausatives in Sinhala: A view to the Middle
  1030-1100 Andrew Simpson (USC) & Priyanka Biswas (USC)
Bare nominals, classifiers, and the representation
of definiteness in Bangla
  1100-1120 Coffee break
  1120-1150     Sonja Eisenbiss (Essex), Ayesha Kidwai & Benu Pareek (JNU)
Verb agreement in Hindi and its acquisition
  1150-1220 Rajesh Bhatt (UMass) & Vincent Homer (UMass)
PPIs and movement in Hindi-Urdu
  1220-145  Lunch 
  145-215 Arunima Choudhury (USC) & Elsi Kaiser (USC)
Interaction between prosody and syntactic position: evidence
from focus types in Bangla
  215-245 Vandana Bajaj (Rutgers) & Kristen Syrett (Rutgers)
Admitting -hii to the exclusive club
  245-300 Coffee break
  300-330 Paul Kiparsky (Stanford)
The agent suffixes as a window into Vedic grammar
  330-400 Business meeting
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