Yale Linguistics to host workshop honoring Laurence R. Horn

October 26, 2015

To mark the retirement of Professor Larry Horn, the Department of Linguistics at Yale is hosting a workshop celebrating his career. “Hornucopia: A workshop honoring Laurence R. Horn” will take place November 6-7, 2015. The workshop venue is the Memorabilia Room and Lecture Hall at Sterling Memorial Library, accessible from 128 Wall StreetFrom the workshop description:

Laurence R. Horn’s contributions to the field of natural language semantics and pragmatics cannot be overstated. His work in neo-Gricean pragmatics has been enormously influential, with especially significant contributions in the analysis of negation and the theory of scalar implicature. Horn’s work is infused with wit, elegance and erudition, and his 1989 book, A Natural History of Negation, is widely considered to be a masterpiece for all of these reasons. With this workshop we celebrate Horn’s past and continuing impact on the field.

An outstanding set of speakers has been organized for the workshop:

The program, abstracts, and registration information can be found at the workshop website.

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