Sean Gleason presenting in Rome

May 16, 2013

PhD Student Sean Gleason is presenting a paper at the 17th Colloquium on Latin Linguistics held in Rome next week at the Tor Vergata University and the British School at Rome. His paper, A Tale of Two Grammars: Revisiting ‘Plautine’ Stress, re-examines the stress pattern of Pre-Classical Latin in order to better understand its status as a transitional stage between the Archaic and Classical Latin stress patterns. The current paper follows two prior presentations, one examining the introduction of accusative and infinitive clauses as complements to passive matrix verbs from Archaic to Classical Latin presented at the Syntactic Change and Syntactic Reconstruction: New Perspective workshop, and another at the 10th International Conference Latin Vulgaire, Latin Tardif with the paper The Rise of the Dual Copula in Late Latin.

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