Martín Fuchs wins a student award for his presentation at CUNY 2019

May 10, 2019

PhD candidate Martín Fuchs has won a student award for his presentations at the 32nd CUNY Human Sentence Processing Conference, held at Boulder, Colorado this past March 29-31, 2019.

Martín presented two posters at the conference. In “Theory of Mind and Common Ground underpin mechanisms of language variation that lead to change: the Imperfective domain across three Spanish varieties”, he presents results from an SPR task that shows that patterns observed across different dialects of Spanish are consistent with a model of variation embedded in a communicative system subject to tensions between Common Ground and Theory of Mind. His second poster, “Contrastive informativity strength drives real-time language variation and change: an online study of the Spanish habitual in three dialectal varieties”, describes the process of generalization of the Present Progressive marker in Spanish through a self-paced reading task, showing that this process of change is driven by the contrastive informativity strength of the lexico-semantic properties of the Present Progressive marker.

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