Martín Fuchs and Josh Phillips present at FoDS IV

Martín Fuchs, Josh Phillips, and Ashwini Deo
November 17, 2019

Martín Fuchs and Josh Phillips presented their research at FoDS IV (Formal Diachronic Semantics IV) in Columbus, Ohio, a conference organized by former Yale faculty member Ashwini Deo. On Friday, November 15th, Josh gave a talk entitled “Negation, reality status & the Yolnu verbal paradigm: towards a formal account of the porousness of tense and modality”. Martín gave a talk on Saturday, November 16th, entitled “ New methods for diachronic semantics: two self-paced reading studies on the Progressive-to-Imperfective shift in Spanish” (joint research with Prof. María Piñango).

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