November 2019 News

  • Martín Fuchs, Josh Phillips, and Ashwini Deo
    November 17, 2019
    Martín Fuchs and Josh Phillips presented their research at FoDS IV (Formal Diachronic Semantics IV) in Columbus, Ohio, a conference organized by former Yale faculty member...
  • Larry Horn
    November 17, 2019
    Larry Horn has been elected to serve on the LSA Executive Committee for the coming three years. He will be Vice-President during 2020, President in 2021, and Past President...
  • Veneeta Dayal
    November 11, 2019
    Veneeta Dayal will give an invited talk “On the role of Skolem functions in modeling multiple wh- dependencies” at a workshop on multiple wh-constructions to be held at the...