January 2019 News

Matt Tyler
January 30, 2019
PhD student Matthew Tyler has published a paper on the syntax-prosody interface in the journal Glossa.
January 28, 2019
This year again, for the 6th consecutive year, the Linguistics Department has invited middle and high school students to hone their analytical skills while working on...
January 14, 2019
Yale Linguistics welcomes three new members to the Department this semester. Welcome to all! 
January 12, 2019
Long-time Yale faculty member Stanley Insler (PhD ‘63) passed away on January 5th. Apart from his many contributions to the field, his many students and colleagues remember...
January 12, 2019
Many members of the Yale linguistics department made a mass exodus to the the recent LSA annual meeting in New York City, where they gave 19 oral and poster presentations at...