Yale Linguistics welcomes three new members

January 14, 2019

Yale Linguistics welcomes three new members to the Department this semester:

Veneeta Dayal has joined our faculty permanently. She is a semanticist, whose work is characterized by careful attention to cross-linguistic variation and the syntax-semantics interface. She has extensively explored the topics of questions and relative clauses, bare nouns and generics, and free choice items. This term she will be teaching a seminar: LING 392/792 From MorphoSyntax to Meaning: Definiteness Indefiniteness, Genericity (W 9:25-11:15).

Enoch Aboh is visiting us this semester from the University of Amsterdam as a Presidential Visiting Fellow. His research focuses on comparative syntax, the discourse-syntax interface, and language creation and change. He will be offering two courses this term: LING 281/681 Comparative Syntax: A View from Kwa (Niger-Congo) (TTh 4-5:15) and LING 213/613 Hybrid Grammars: Dynamics, Language Contact, Language Acquisition and Language Change (TTh 1-2:15).

Dongmei Rao is here on sabbatical from Xihua University in Sichuan, China. She has research interests in phonetics, phonology, dialectology and language contact and variation. While with us, she will be exploring the phonetic system of the endangered Xiang dialects.

Welcome to all!