Yale Represented at ACAL 55

May 13, 2024

Yale faculty, undergraduate students, and graduate students recently presented their work on Loma, Akan, and Yorùbá at The 55th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL 55), held at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) from May 2nd - 4th, 2024.

Natalie Weber (faculty) gave a talk “Lexical and prosodic conditioning of consonant lenition in Loma”. 

Jem Burch (undergraduate student) gave a talk “Trans-Lexical Uniformity in Inflectional Paradigms: Evidence from Loma”.

Isaiah Suchman  (undergraduate student) gave a talk “The “definite” is not a definite: The semantics of the Loma determiner”.

Comfort Ahenkorah (graduate student) gave a talk “The Split Number Analysis for Plural Morphology in Akan”, and a joint talk with Ka-Fai Yip “Two types of subject resumption in Akan”.

Ka-Fai Yip and Olabode Adedeji (graduate students) gave a joint talk “Exclusive focus particles in Yorùbá”.


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