Yale linguists Present at ICPhS

August 30, 2023

Members of the Yale Phonetics Lab presented four papers at the 20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, held August 7-11 in Prague, Czech Republic. Each paper was also published in the conference proceedings; links can be found on the lab website.

Kramer B., Stern M.C, Wang Y., Liu Y., Shaw. J.A. 2023. Synchrony and stability of articulatory landmarks in English and Mandarin CV sequences. 

Liu Y., Wang Y., Stern M.C, Kramer B., Shaw. J.A. 2023. Temporal scope of articulatory slowdown under informational focus: Data from English and Mandarin. 

Burns R. & Shaw, J.A. 2023. Effect of vowel context on stop place identification in Yoruba.

Stern M.C. & Shaw. J.A. 2023. Not all phonological neighbors affect production equivalently: predictions from a neural dynamic model.

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