Yale linguists attend Cognitive Structures in Düsseldorf

September 15, 2016

Starting today, several members of the Yale Language & Brain Lab are participating in a conference in Düsseldorf, Germany, called Cognitive Structures: Linguistic, Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives. The conference is convened by Collaborative Research Centre 991: The Structure of Representations in Language, Cognition, and Science, which is directed by Laura Kallmeyer (Düsseldorf).

PhD candidate Sara Sánchez Alonso will present “Language variation as a gateway into lexico-semantic structure: The case of copula processing across Spanish varieties,” which is based on joint work with associate professor Maria Piñango and Ashwini Deo (Ohio State). PhD student Martin Fuchs​’s talk, “Operationalizing the role of context in language variation: The progressive to imperfective shift in Spanish” also represents joint work with Maria and Ashwini. Finally, Maria will give a talk of her own titled “Towards a unified lexico-conceptual analysis for real-time metonymy composition.” All three of the Yale talks will take place on Saturday afternoon.