Deaf History & Economic Sustainability Panel Discussion

September 20, 2022

The IWDP theme of the day is Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Deaf People

As of 2017, only 53% of working age deaf people were employed and these employment rates have not significantly changed since 2008. Similar to the hearing population, these employment experiences are further impacted by intersections of race, gender, and additional disability. 

Despite cultural and communication barriers, deaf people have made contributions in a variety of industries–including printing, filmmaking, architecture, and astronomy. One deaf scientist with notable contributions to science and education, Frederick Barnard, was a Yale graduate who became deaf during his college studies, taught at the American School for the Deaf, and later became president of Columbia University!

Today we will bring together a group of Deaf educators, artists, and advocates for a Deaf History and Economic Sustainability Panel Discussion (on Zoom) at 6:00PM. These panelists will share their reflections on Deaf history and visions of an inclusive and sustainable future. ZOOM LINK

Panelists include: 

We are fortunate to have such a creative group of minds with us today and all are welcome to join! 

ASL/Voice Interpretation will be provided.