Friday Lunch Talks - Spring 2008

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Friday, February 1, 2013 - 5:45am
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Fridays, 12pm, in ‘LingSem’ (Room 201), 370 Temple Street.

Friday 25th January
John Nerbonne   University of Groningen
Geographic Distributions of Linguistic Variation

Friday 1st February
Elena Kallestinova
Syntactic Aspects of Word Order in Russian

Friday 15th February
 Ashwini Deo   Yale University
Grammaticalization and syncretism: the intersection

Friday 29th February
Chiara Gianollo   Università di Trieste
Patterns of syntactic variation and change in the Latin nominal domain

Friday 4th April
John Beavers   University of Texas at Austin
Towards a Partly Aspectual Understanding of Affectedness

Friday 11th April
Johan Brandtler   Lund University
V2 and polarity – two sides of the same coin?

Friday 18th April
Christine Shadle   Haskins Laboratories
Variability in Fricatives: Evidence from Articulatory and Acoustic Data

Friday 25th April (370 Temple Rm106 - CLS library)
Scott McClure  Graduate Student, Yale University
Prosodic boundaries and the behavior of monosyllabic
Czech prepositions

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Lunch Talks