Robert Frank


Term: Spring 2023

Ling 116 - Cognitive Science of Language

The study of language from the perspective of cognitive science. Exploration of mental structures that underlie the human ability to learn and process language, drawing on studies of normal and atypical language development and processing, brain imaging, neuropsychology, and computational modeling. Innate linguistic structure vs. determination by experience and culture; the relation between linguistic and nonlinguistic cognition in the domains of decision making, social cognition, and musical cognition; the degree to which language shapes perceptions of color, number, space, and gender.

This course can be applied towards the Social Sciences Yale College distributional requirement.
Term: Spring 2023
Day/Time: MW 2:30pm-3:45pm

Ling 227 - Language and Computation I

Design and analysis of computational models of language. Topics include finite state tools, computational morphology and phonology, grammar and parsing, lexical semantics, and the use of linguistic models in applied problems.

Prerequisite: prior programming experience or permission of instructor.

This course can be applied towards the following Yale College distributional requirements:
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Social Sciences
Term: Spring 2023
Day/Time: MW 9am-10:15am