Raffaella Zanuttini


Ling 211/611: Grammatical Diversity in U.S. English

Language as a system of mental rules, governing the sound, form, and meaning system. The (impossible) distinction between language and dialect. The scientific study of standard and non-standard varieties. Social attitudes toward prestige and other varieties; linguistic prejudice. Focus on morpho-syntactic variation in North-American English: alternative passives (“The car needs washed”), personal datives (“I need me a new printer”), negative inversion (“Don’t nobody want to ride the bus”), “drama SO” (“I am SO not going to study tonight”). 

Term: Spring 2019
Day/Time: Tuesday & Thursday, 11:35a.m. - 12:50p.m.

Ling 491: The Senior Essay

Research and writing of the senior essay under the guidance of a faculty adviser. Students present research related to their essays in a weekly colloquium.

Prerequisite: LING 490.

Term: Spring 2019
Day/Time: Wednesday, 4:00p.m. - 5:50p.m.