Maria Piñango


Term: Fall 2019

LING 217 Language and Mind

The structure of linguistic knowledge and how it is used during communication. The principles that guide the acquisition of this system by children learning their first language, by children learning language in unusual circumstances (heritage speakers, sign languages) and adults learning a second language, bilingual speakers. The processing of language in real-time. Psychological traits that impact language learning and language use. 

Term: Fall 2019
Day/Time: Tuesday & Thursday, 2:30p-3:45p

LING 372 Meaning, Concepts, and Words

A cognitive approach to the structure of meaning from the perspetive of the language system. The brain’s finite collection of stored concepts, which are combined and recombined via predetermined principles. The system of associating combinations of concepts with combinations of words and sentences to produce an unlimited number of novel thoughts.

Prerequisite: at least one course in linguistics, psychology, or cognitive science.

Term: Fall 2019
Day/Time: Wednesday, 9:25a-11:15a