Jason Shaw


Ling 200/600: Experimentation in Linguistics

Principles and techniques of experimental design and research in linguistics. Linguistic theory as the basis for framing experimental questions. The development of theoretically informed hypotheses, notions of control and confounds, human subject research, statistical analysis, data reporting, and dissemination.

Prerequisite: LING 110117220CGSC 110, or PSYC 110, or permission of instructor.

Term: Spring 2019
Day/Time: Thursday, 9:25a.m. - 11:15a.m.

Ling 220/620: General Phonetics

Investigation of possible ways to describe the speech sounds of human languages. Acoustics and physiology of speech; computer synthesis of speech; practical exercises in producing and transcribing sounds.

Term: Spring 2019
Day/Time: Tuesday & Thursday, 2:30p.m. - 3:45p.m.