Jason Shaw


Term: Fall 2019

LING 110 Language: Introduction to Linguistics

The goals and methods of linguistics. Basic concepts in phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Techniques of linguistic analysis and construction of linguistic models. Trends in modern linguistics. The relation of linguistics to psychology, logic, and other disciplines.

Term: Fall 2019
Day/Time: Monday & Wednesday, 1:00p-2:15p

LING 236 Articulatory Phonology

Study of experimental methods to record articulatory movements using electromagnetic articulography and/or ultrasound technologies and analytical approaches for relating articulatory movements to phonological structure. Hands-on training in laboratory techniques are paired with discussion of related experimental and theoretical research.

Prerequisites: LING 220 and LING 232 or permission of instructor. 

Term: Fall 2019
Day/Time: Wednesday, 3:30p-5:20p

Term: Spring 2020

LING 238 Encoding Speech in Minds and Machines

This class introduces analytical tools that support quantitative reasoning about speech. Methods for encoding speech in computer applications are considered alongside theories of how speech is represented in human minds. The purpose in examining these two areas together is to explore the degree to which theories of the mental representation of speech can inform smart computer applications and the degree to which machine learning techniques can advance the study of the human mind. Topics include computational modelling of speech movements, the resulting speech signal, human speech perception behavior, as well as relevant computational tools for signal processing, feature extraction, and machine learning.

No prior experience with Matlab or R is required but some general familiarity with programming is required.

Term: Spring 2020
Day/Time: Monday & Wednesday, 11:35a-12:50p