Computing and Linguistics Major

The Computing and Linguistics major provides multidisciplinary training in the computational study of human language, the development of systems for natural language processing, and the automated analysis of textual data in applications in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Students learn the foundational tools and methods that underlie this work, including areas of computer science, statistics and data science, and linguistics, and apply them to some empirical domain, through coursework and an independent research project in the senior year. 

The B.A. in Computing and Linguistics exposes students to the fundamental ideas and foundational techniques of the field, while the B.S. provides more extensive training and engagement in research, preparing students for graduate work in the area. 

Info Session

There will be an information session for prospective and current majors on April 17th at 6pm in Dow Hall 201. See here for further information. 

Mailing List

You can receive updates on the major by subscribing to the Computing and Linguistics undergraduate student mailing list.

Major Overview

The official listing of the major requirements is available in the Yale College Programs of Study. A more readable version of the requirements for both the B.A. and B.S. can be downloaded here.

Computing and Linguistics Major FAQs

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