Selected 20th Century Publications

Laurence R. Horn - Selected 20th Century Publications

2000. (With Steven R. Kleinedler.) Parasitic reference vs. R-based narrowing: Lexical pragmatics meets He-Man. Paper presented at annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Chicago.

2000 any and ever (-): Free choice and free relatives, in IATL 15: Proc. 15th Annual Conference of the Israeli Association for Theoretical Linguistics: 71-111

2000 From IF to IFF: Conditional Perfection as Pragmatic Strengthening, Journal of Pragmatics (32): 289-326

1997 All John’s children are as bald as the King of France: Existential import and the geometry of opposition. CLS 33, 155-79.

1997 Negative Polarity and the Dynamics of Vertical Inference. In D. Forget et al. (eds.) Negation and Polarity: Syntax and Semantics. John Benjamins: 157-82.

1993 Economy and Redundancy in a Dualistic Model of Natural Language, Yearbook of the Linguistic Association of Finland: 33-72

1990  Hamburgers and truth: Why Gricean explanation is Gricean. BLS 16 (Parasession on the Legacy of Grice), 454-71

1991  Duplex negation affirmat…: The economy of logical double negation.  CLS 27, Part Two (Parasession on Negation), 80-106.

1981  Exhaustiveness and the semantics of clefts. NELS 11, 125-42.

1969  A presuppositional analysis of only and even.  CLS 5, 98-107.