Chelsea Sanker


Term: Fall 2021

LING 112 Historical Linguistics

Introduction to language change and language history. How do people use language, and how does that lead to language change over time: sound change, analogy, syntactic and semantic change, borrowing. Techniques for recovering earlier linguistic stages: philology, internal reconstruction, the comparative method. The role of language contact in language change. Evidence from language in prehistory (doing archaeology with language).

Term: Fall 2021
Day/Time: Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00p - 5:15p

Term: Fall 2020

LING 234 Quantitative Linguistics

This course introduces statistical methods in linguistics, which are an increasingly integral part of linguistic research. The course provides students with the skills necessary to organize, analyze, and visualize linguistic data using R, and explains the concepts underlying these methods, which set a foundation that positions students to also identify and apply new quantitative methods, beyond the ones covered in this course, in their future projects. Course concepts are framed around existing linguistic research, to help students design future research projects and critically evaluate academic literature. Assignments and in-class activities involve a combination of hands-on practice with quantitative tools and discussion of analyses used in published academic work. The course also include brief overviews of linguistic topics as a foundation for discussing the statistical methods used to investigate them.

This course can be applied towards the following Yale College distributional requirements:

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Social Sciences
Term: Fall 2020
Day/Time: Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00p-5:15p