Yale linguists present at AMP

October 31, 2019

A group of Yale linguists traveled to Stony Brook to attend the Annual Meeting on Phonology earlier in October. There were a total of four Yale presentations, listed below with links to the abstracts:

Samuel Andersson, Hossep Dolatian, and Yiding Hao. “Computing vowel harmony: The generative capacity of Search and Copy.”
Kevin Tang and Jason Shaw. “Sentence prosody leaks into the lexicon: evidence from Mandarin Chinese.”
Shigeto Kawahara, Jason Shaw, and Shinichiro Ishihara. “Do Japanese speakers always prosodically group wh-elements and their licenser? Implications for Richards’ (2010) theory of wh-movement.”
Samuel Andersson. “Creating Boundaries and Stops in German: A Universal Boundary Theory analysis.”

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