Stephen Anderson publishes second edition of Phonology in the Twentieth Century

Language Science Press has published a second edition of Emeritus Professor Steve Anderson’s celebrated monograph Phonology in the Twentieth Century (U Chicago Press 1985) — an important history of the development of phonological thinking over the course of the last century which taxonomises and contextualises the contributions of important theorists and tensions between “representational” and “rule-based” approaches to the sound structures of human language.

How to find and work with a linguist

The Fieldwork Working Group has published the first in a series of videos aimed at connecting language communities with pertinent information about working with linguistics. The first video features information about how to find and work with a linguist as well as a list of the types of projects and tasks linguists can support language communities with. The Fieldwork Working Group is also taking suggestions for topics to discuss in future videos to be added to the series. The Fieldwork Working Group is headed by Natalie Weber. A link to the first video in the series is available below.

Sigríður Sæunn publishes a paper in Íslenskt mál og almenn málfræði [Icelandic language and general linguistics]

Sigríður Sæunn Sigurðardóttir published a paper entitled, “’Haf góðan dag’ Um uppkomu nýrrar kveðju út frá hugmyndum um talgjörðir” [‘Have a nice day’ The emergence of a new leave-taking term in Icelandic in the light of Speech Act Theory] in Íslenskt mál og almenn málfræði 41.-42The paper is on the leave-taking term Hafðu góðan dag (‘Have a nice day (ACC)’), which has become prominent in Modern Icelandic but has been prescriptively deemed “improper Icelandic” due to its being influenced by English Have

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