Martín Fuchs teaches a course on meaning change at the Buenos Aires Summer School in Linguistics

Martín Fuchs
February 10, 2020

During the first week of February 2020, Martín Fuchs taught a course on meaning change and its cognitive and communicative underpinnings at the Buenos Aires Linguistics Summer School. The goal of the course was to introduce graduate students to theories of semantic change that aim at uncovering the forces that produce the regularities that are observed in this domain. During the five days of the course, attendees discussed possible explanations for semantic change phenomena, integrating previously disconnected traditions of linguistic research: formal semantics/pragmatics, grammaticalization theory, psycholinguistics, and language variation. Many students from different parts of Latin America attended the course, which finished with a workshop, where Martín gave a plenary about his research on the cognitive underpinnings of the Progressive-to-Imperfective grammaticalization path in Spanish. 

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