Graduate students present qualifying papers

May 2, 2017

Throughout the month of April, Yale linguistics graduate students presented their qualifying papers in a series of Friday Lunch Talks. These papers, written by graduate students in the second and third years of their programs, are works of publishable quality resulting from significant original research projects in two distinct subfields of linguistics.

The presentations covered a wide variety of topics, including phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. The titles of the presentations are as follows.

  • “Copular and cleft constructions in ancient Chinese—A case study of the diachronic development of three copulas,” Jun Chen
  • “Kathmandu Tibetan: A case study in new-dialect formation,” Chris Geissler
  • “Morphological segmentation via generalized Hidden Markov model,” Parker Brody
  • “Possibly pessimistic: the emergence of apprehensional marking in Australian Kriol,” Josh Phillips
  • “The semantics of possessive noun phrases and temporal modifiers,” Manu Quadros
  • “Syllable weight and antepenultimate stress in Spanish: experimental evidence and phonotactic learning models,” Martín Fuchs

Congratulations to Jun, Chris, Parker, Josh, Manu, and Martín on their presentations!

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