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Dongmei Rao and Jason Shaw Publish Papers in Journal of Phonetics, Data in Brief

Dongmei Rao, former visiting scholar (19-20), and Jason Shaw published a paper entitled “The role of gestural timing in non-coronal fricative mergers in Southwestern Mandarin: Acoustic evidence from a dialect island”. The paper reports new phonetic data linking synchronic variation in the production of velar and labiodental fricatives to patterns of diachronic merger of these sounds found across Southwestern Mandarin varieties.

Matt Tyler defends dissertation

On Thursday, July 23rd, Matt Tyler successfully defended his PhD dissertation. The defense, which was held virtually on Zoom, presented Matt’s dissertation entitled Argument Structure and Argument-Marking in Choctaw, supervised by Jim Wood. The committee members were Raffaella Zanuttini, Bob Frank, and Aaron Broadwell. Congratulations, Matt!

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