Claire Bowern, Sarah Babinski, and Rikker Dockum present at the 5th Workshop on Sound Change at UC Davis

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June 27, 2019

This past weekend (June 21-23), the 5th Workshop on Sound Change (WSC 5) took place at UC Davis. Yale Linguistics was represented by Professor Claire Bowern, PhD candidate Rikker Dockum, and graduate student Sarah Babinski, who all presented at the workshop. Claire Bowern gave a talk entitled “Language, Culture, and Australian Exceptionalism,” while Rikker and Sarah gave posters. Rikker presented work based on his dissertation, in his poster “The Tonal Comparative Method: Tracing Sound Change in Lexical Tone.” Sarah’s poster, representing joint work with Claire Bowern, discussed “Acoustic variation of stress correlates in Australian languages.”

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