How is Language and Computation different from Natural Language Processing?

How does LING 227 Language and Computation compares to CPSC 477 Natural Language Processing, offered by Prof. Dragomir Radev in the Computer Science department? This is an excellent question: these courses cover many of the same topics and use the same textbook. Nonetheless, they differ in a number of respects. First, Language and Computation spends more time on the linguistic aspects of computational linguistics, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of different NLP methods for the modeling of specific linguistic phenomena. Correspondingly, it spends less time on NLP applications such as question answering, text summarization, and machine translation. Next, it covers a narrower range of topics that CPSC 477, spending more time on each of the topics that are covered. Finally, although both courses require programming, the assignments in Language and Computation are perhaps a bit less intense in that respect.